[Guide] How to reach Tavern Tier 6 with Omu in Battlegrounds


Omu has been a steady seller in Hearthstone Battlegrounds for a year now. Its hero power is intuitively powerful, making it an above-average hero in any meta. In this guide, we will tell you when to Tavern Up with Omu.




Omu's Hero Power is easy to understand. Your Tavern upgrade costs are cheaper; thus, you get to Tavern Up faster. As simple as this Hero Power looks, finding the correct timing to Tavern Up might not be as intuitive. We will split this guide into two parts: games with and without Darkmoon Prize.


1. Regular "2-4-6" Curve


We will start with the games without Darkmoon Prizes. In regular games, you want to Tavern Up on turns 2, 4, and 6. The easy way to remember this is "2-4-6". The table above shows how to play out the curve. There are a few more notes to take:

  • The table above assumes you buy a token minion on turn 1. 
  • If you buy a Deck Swabbie on turn 1, you don't have to sell it on turn 2. If you play it on turn 1, Tavern Up will cost 1 (-3, then +2). You will have 3 pare golds to buy an extra minion on turn 2.
  • Even if you don't find a token minion on turn 1, still Tavern Up on turns 2, 4, and 6. You will have one less minion on board, but keeping the curve is more important. 
    • There is an exception: Wrath Weaver. If you get a Wrath Weaver on turn 1 shop and want to play a Demon game, you can Tavern Up on turns 3, 5, and 7

Following this curve, you will reach Tavern Tier 4 on turn 6 and likely Tier 5 on turn 8 while keeping up the tempo with other heroes. The power of Omu comes from the fact that Omu can Tavern Up faster and still build up a strong board.


2. Turbo Up Curve with Darkmoon Prizes



The second curve is a risky one for games with Darkmoon Prizes. If you get Pocket Change or Gacha Gift, the extra gold from the Gold Coins or a Tavern Tier 1 minion allows you to Tavern Up even faster. 



Note that this curve is possible if you get Pocket Change or Gacha Gift on Turn 4 Darkmoon Prize. If you don't get one of the two Prizes, follow the 2-4-6 curve.


Up to turn 4, both curves are the same. Once you get extra golds from the Darkmoon Prizes, you can Tavern Up on turns 5, 6, and even 7. The advantage with this curve is that you can go for quick Tavern Tier 6 minions by finding a triple or searching for On the House or Evolving Tavern from turn 8 Darkmoon Prizes.



You will always Tavern Up on turns 2, 4, 5 with this curve. Tavern Up on turn 6 is also likely, but reaching Tavern Tier 6 on turn 7 is a very risky play. Make this play only if your board is strong or you are willing to risk finishing 8th place. Tavern Up to 6 on turn 8 with Darkmoon Prize is ideal.


▲ The dream cards for Forest Warden Omu


Once you hit Tavern Tier 6, you can get Kalecgos and Nadina to go for a Dragon comp, Gentle Djinni for an Elemental comp, or even Dread Admiral Eliza for a Pirate comp. Go for a spicy Tavern Tier 6 comps with Forest Warden Omu!


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