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Welcome to the exciting world of Mir4! After early popularity in Korea, the game has received a full global launch in 170 countries! With impressive graphics, several unique classes to choose from, and interesting gameplay—Mir4 is an engaging game to get involved with.

Entering the Korean Fantasy open-world MMORPG may be intimidating at first—with so many experienced players already and so many pieces of gameplay to get used to. However, just a little bit of studying before diving into the game can prepare you for the journey. Here you will find directions when starting out, common hurdles players will face early on, and common advice to get you on the right track as you begin playing the game.

Starting off right

Mir4 offers four different classes for you to select from. The Lancer, Warrior, Taoist, and Sorcerer all have different attributes and gameplay elements. Don’t be like me and just choose what you think looks coolest—this decision will have an enormous impact on your experience. But there is no right choice—the best character varies from person to person. 


Warriors are probably the most common good choice for players inexperienced with MMORPGs. Though their slow movement is frustrating and can be abused by other players, Warriors are built to last. With high defense stats, their durability will give beginner players the chance to make mistakes without too dire of consequences. 

Sorcerer’s are more difficult but can be extremely powerful in the right hands. If you’re someone that prides themselves on being cool and calculated, the high damage output of the Sorcerer’s skills is an exciting prospect. Take advantage of the mana shield. 


Lancer’s are one of the more difficult classes to master but have similar mechanics to other MMORPGs. The high damage and good supportive abilities make it a strong character to play especially with other people. Definitely consider if you’re someone familiar with MMORPG games and think you’ll play Mir4 with others. 

The Taoist can be difficult. In fact, it’s probably the most challenging of any of the game’s characters. That doesn’t prevent it from being by far my favorite. Why? Because you get to kick some butt! You’re allowed to get up close and personal with people. Obviously, that means you’re susceptible to punishment easily, plus the mechanics can be difficult. But if you’re someone well-acquainted with fighting games, this could be the perfect character for you.

Getting over the humps

There will certainly be challenges when entering this exciting world. The most noticeable for beginners will be the game’s progression. Compared with some MMORPGs, the early stages of the game can be slow. While it may be tempting to simply rush through everything—patience is key. When the game gets hard, it gets hard. It’s important to stay patient and focus on grinding to a stronger level than you’d initially expect. Don’t worry, with the number of quests and such to go through, this will be a piece of cake. (Note: around level 25 you will gain access to the Tower. This is a time sensitive task, so make sure to take advantage of it immediately to get some great chests).

Another hump to be wary of dying. It’s not Dark Souls or anything—but there are certain penalties you’ll have to deal with if you’re not careful. Unless you want to earn less experience or play with diminished stats, make sure that you approach battles with a level of caution. Stay in areas designated as safe until you’re prepared for more dangerous situations—make sure you’re ready for the hunt. 

Mystery quests are something else to be careful about. While the rewards can be wonderful, it’s very easy to die, as you’ll find some very challenging monsters throughout their duration. Make sure that you’re ready for these tasks as well. 

Getting on the right track

A lot of your adventure is going to be through trial and error. Many times the best decision to make is what feels right for you. There are a few guiding principles I’ve thought of that can keep you on a straight and narrow path.

Missions, and quests in general are going to be an invaluable part of your gameplay. Even the smallest ones outside of the main game are worth your time. The experience, unique items, and chests you’ll receive along the way make it very worthwhile. 


Darksteel is also going to a resource of huge value to you—especially if you want to get involved with PvP.  Find a good place to mine it, and stock up as much as possible. The third and fourth floors of Bicheon Valley are great for this. Also know that Darksteel can be exchanged for DRACO, Mir4's  block-chain based utility token. Probably the most interesting way to enter crypto-currency.

This may seem like a no-brainer when playing an MMORPG but try and play with people. If you can’t find a Clan to join, create your own. You’ll have a lot more fun and will be able to accomplish a lot more while playing with other people, so take advantage of the opportunity. Several monsters you encounter will be difficult to take down on your own. They'll also help speed up opening many of the chest you have. Many hands can make these tasks easier, however. Just make sure that when you're joining a Clan, that you have resources to contribute. Things like darksteel, energy, and copper are of enormous use (the former can be found by gathering, the latter look for in the Magic Tower).

Something else that will give you the opportunity to build as strong of a character as possible, is to take advantage of the Auto-battle feature as much as possible. Essentially what Auto-battle does is allow you automatically fight monsters in your vicinity. Take advantage of this in your beginning. Using it while away to build up your experience and equipment will make the early grind go by a lot quicker. It won’t last forever—as the character progresses you’ll find it leads to diminishing returns—but enjoy it while you can. 

More than anything—have fun and enjoy yourself. Plan things out as much as possible, stay patient, and the journey will surely be a nice one.

For more information on tips for getting started, check out more Inven Global Mir4 coverage here!


MIR4 is now available to download on Android and IOS devices. This has been a WeMade sponsored article.

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