MIR4 global release: day one beginner tips, mechanics and more

Welcome to Mir4!

The first day of playing MMORPG can be overwhelming, especially if there are tons of mechanics and systems new players may not understand. In the case of Mir 4 and its recent global release across 170 countries, veteran players are expectedly rocketing ahead of new ones thanks to their superior game knowledge and character growth strategies. 

Trust me, there are tons of mechanics in Mir4  and those who make it to the end-game will have a litany of item and character upgraded systems to enjoy. Until you make it that far, here are the most important mechanics, tips, and general Mir 4 knowledge you should know to best survive day 1!

How it feels getting started

▲ Customizing your character doesn't affect gameplay -- it's all about that sweet aesthetic value.

After your choice of class, customizing your Mir4 hero is the next order of business.  Players can choose their characters a hairstyle, facial features, clothing type, and colors. You will eventually be able to make additional changes to your character, but only later on in the game so choose wisely!

From this point, it is standard MMORPG tutorials until you hit level 5. During the tutorials, Mir4 first introduces the "Air Walk" (it's a floaty double jump) that leads to wall jumps, in-air mobility, and eventually full-on flying. The aerial mobility becomes a much larger gameplay note later on in the game, a fact that is underscored by how impressive even the early game jumping ability feels.

New player tips

Mining for vigor and profit

Mining is a useful way to spend your time in the early game. You get resources or upgrading items but also gain the "Vigor" buff (max 3 hours duration) that grants 100% bonus experience! There are other ways to obtain the Vigor buff, but mining is a safe and reliable one.

Awesome Auto Potion

Battling, resource gathering, questing and many other things can be set to "auto" mode in MIR4 -- this is one of the defining features of the mobile MMORPG genre. Many players choose to play manually, but the "auto potion" toggle is a huge QOL improvement that is highly recommended for most classes. Classes that use a lot of mana like the Sorcerer are especially reliant on auto-potion.

▲ Sorcerers need auto-potion more than other classes due to their large mana usage.

Level 15 for Auto Mission

Auto Mission is a convenient way for your MIR 4 squad to continue making progress while you make RL progress away from your phone. In Mir4, Auto Mission unlocks at level 15  should be utilized ASAP in order to gain value! 

NOTE:  Mining, gathering, fortune-telling, and missions cannot be performed automatically

The Propensity of death

Mir 4 has a variety of PvP modes players can use to label themselves and slay accordingly. These different flags allow for players to strategically align their PvP to match whatever in-game social or political setting you come across. 

Peace: Do not attack other users.
Good and Evil: Other than party/moon faction/alliance clan/friend.
Hostility: All users except Party/Clan/Alliance/Friend. ca
Slaughter: All users except party

I imagine ”Slaughter“ will prove the most popular, especially when encountering free-for-all treasure chest scenarios.

Be warned, there is a cost to killing players!

The more you kill other players, the lower your propensity score (Ie, good v. bad stat) becomes. This is an important thing to consider as, the lower your propensity becomes, the less experience you gain! You can gain propensity back by killing monsters and things that aren't player controlled.

Propensity: Goodness
Acquire 100% experience (at least 5,000 propensity points)

Propensity: Usually
Acquire 100% EXP (Propensity Point -499 ~ 4,999)

Propensity: Ruffianism
Acquire only 70% of experience (propensity score -3,499 ~ -500

Propensity: Villainy
Acquire only 50% of experience (propensity score -9,999 ~ -3,500)

Propensity: Lawlessness
Obtain only 30% of experience (propensity score -10,000 or less)

▲ This particular story moment in Mir4 has led to a lot of deaths so far.

In addition, dying in Mir 4 is a punishing experience. If you die outside of a designated safe zone 1 of 3 bad things will happen to your character:

Stat Penalty -- All stats reduced for a certain time period.

EXP Drain -- reduces the number of EXP held currently.

lose an item: Depending on your propensity, you have a chance to outright lose one of your items - brutal!

▲ PK or "Player kills" have different results depending on where the kill takes place.


Level 20 and beyond

▲ Peacefully gathering or crafting a doomsday weapon?


Once you have gotten the lay of the land and the world of Mir4 becomes familiar, exploring character and item growth systems such as Spirits, Gathering, Hunting, Mining, and Meditating are productive ways to ensure a powerful character. 

Gathering: herbs and plants will provide materials required to increase Constitution ranks
Hunting: obtain EXP and valuable crafting materials by defeating monsters
Mining: mine various ore and craft/enhance equipment
Meditating: Draw the earth's energy to increase Inner Force and Skill ranks

These systems are where the min-maxing pros start to become noticeable and it is safe to assume the most powerful clans with access to all of the Darksteel utilize all of them synergistically when they can.

For more information on clans, check out more Inven Global Mir 4 coverage here!

MIR4 is now available to download on Android and IOS devices. This has been a WeMade sponsored article.

Pre-registration of Mir4 continues until the official release date of August 26; all pre-registration applicants will be presented with a wealth of useful items that can be used in the game. Pre-register here for more details.

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