Mir4 clans bring diplomacy, assassination's and resource politics to mobile MMORPGs

It's dangerous to go alone!

Most MMORPGs derive most of their end-game content and world-building from the expectation of players eventually joining a clan or guild. Sure, you can play solo for as long as you'd like and modern games make that possible, but the most powerful items and unique rewards are almost always locked behind challenges only large groups of players can overcome together.

▲A clan that quickly works together to unlock perks and upgrades can net a significant edge against less prepared players.

In Mir4, the importance of the clan system is immediately evident. Most familiar MMO mechanics and perks of joining a clan are available, including item warehouses, clan-wide talent trees, and QOL communication options so players can organize. However, fresh diplomacy and kill order mechanics (guild members with proper authority can mark "kill on-site" player targets that allow clan members to collect bounties after successful takedowns)  allow Mir4 clans to feel uniquely social in a "big-picture" way.

▲ Placing a kill warrant on other players is the type of social PvP I expect in 2021.

For example, because clans can declare allegiance or war on any other clan, active clans filled with min-maxing veterans will inevitably clash, especially if both clans have ambitions to dominate the "Hidden Valley Capture" zone. Whoever controls the hidden valley controls the flow of dark steel, a vital end-game resource that ruling clans can profit greatly from.  Will your clan monopolize the valley and tax other players, or will leadership take a more generous approach? In Mir4, the choice is up to the player-controlled clans.

▲ The clans that manage to capture and secure valuable territory are rewarded with consistent returns.

But what is a clan without a giant monster to slay? Mir4 has that covered with weekly clan challenges and exhibitions -- they start every Sunday and last until the subsequent Saturday. In these challenges, 50 clan mates at a maximum fight to defeat a total of 5 raid-level bosses that appear sequentially.  Players have 30 minutes to defeat all bosses -- be careful though, once you defeat a boss the next boss appears soon after!

It cost resources to enter these challenges (the clan master or member given war authority can decide when to spend these resources) but defeating all 5 bosses grants exceptionally valuable rewards. 

▲ Clan Expeditions and Challenges are a big reason to join a powerful clan!


How do I make a Mir4 clan of my own?

If you aren't already in a clan and are at least level 10, you can easily create one by accessing the Clan icon on the top right of your screen. Once you set the clan crest and name, you have to pay 50,000 coins (I said it was easy, not free) and your clan is officially live. Clan leaders can then set parameters for how other players can apply to join the clan -- IE, it's either free for anyone to join or you can be a bit more selective, requiring resources or item offerings.

The clan system in Mir4 is layered and there are additional mechanics not mentioned here that offer more content and ways to explore the world of Mir4. There are numerous ways players can contribute to their clan and players of all styles can benefit from the extra resources or powerful upgrades clans provide.

MIR4 is now available to download on Android and IOS devices. This has been a WeMade sponsored article.

Pre-registration of Mir4 continues until the official release date of August 26; all pre-registration applicants will be presented with a wealth of useful items that can be used in the game. Pre-register here for more details.

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