The 4 classes of MIR4, the new K-FANTASY MMORPG for Android / IOS

Choose your class, master your fighting style and enjoy the sweet K-fantasy aesthetic while slaying hordes of enemies: this is the short and simple pitch of WeMade's newest mobile MMORPG, MIR4. The first in the series, Legend of Mir was one of the most popular games in China thanks to its epic storyline and aesthetic.

Three installments later, MIR4 returns and can be best compared to other K-Fantasy style gamers like Gensin Impact or Blade and Soul. Thanks to Unreal Engine 4 graphics, MIR4 looks great and is especially smooth on a robust mobile device.

▲ There are many different upgrade systems and collectibles in MIR4. "Spirit" designs are a fresh portrayal of classic Eastern fantasy aesthetic.

You play the role of an eager-to-learn disciple following the path of a grandmaster and his disciples and, you guessed it, the journey quickly becomes entwined with a dramatic story arc involving a fallen kingdom, an illegitimate marriage, and the blood-thirsty warlord hellbent on ruling the magic-infused Kingdom. 

If the story doesn't appeal to you, developers have you covered with a high-flying martial arts combat style and infinite hordes of enemies to kill. Once you get tired of that, slide into the social end-game of moble MMO with guilds, dungeons, fashion, mounts, crafting, and seemingly infinite opportunities to enhance or customize your character stats. 

Spirits, Free Loot, Late-game, and more

▲ Gotta catch 'em all, spirits!

In MIR4, there are a variety of different ways to enjoy the game once you have reached the later stages. Some of the most unique systems include...


Spirits are helpful allies that support your character in their stats or directly enhance the player's character. Fuse, collect and create synergistic squads of Spirits to match your playstyle. After collecting a team of five spirits, players can choose one "leader spirit" to always fight by their side. 

Free Loot:

After a group of players defeats certain powerful enemies, a chest will spawn that only one player can open. It takes 30 seconds to open the chest -- a fact that becomes a lot more interesting when you consider other groups of players can attack your party and steal the chest for themselves! These chests each hold super powerful times, so the ability to defend what you have earned is a unique dynamic between players in MIR4.

▲Nice treasure chest -- would be a shame if something happened to you before opening it...

Late game economy:

Clans are vital to MIR4's late game and clans who work well together have plenty to benefit from. Dark iron, an invaluable late-game resource is acquired from,  "Hidden Valley Capture" - a mode that allows clans to battle one another in an attempt to control the supply. Once a clan controls the mine, they can either monopolize the profits for themselves or open it up to the public and profit via taxation. 

However, before you dive into MIR4 late game, why don't we first choose a class?


The life of a tank is never easy, but at least the objective is clear -- lead the charge! Warrior is the most sturdy class in MIR4 and has no issue rushing head-long into the fight.  While not as mobile as other classes, the Warrior can dish out incredible damage to multiple targets at once or specialized entirely into single focus damage.


Lots of damage and tons of AoE, the Sorcerer has a wide variety of spells that either protect her with icy gales and energy shields or decimate groups of enemies with scorching fire. Some of their abilities have lengthy cooldowns, but the wait is worth it. While all classes are self-reliant, the Sorcerer is especially effective when safely in the backlines firing off spell after spell.


What the Taoist may lack in range, she makes up for in support abilities, resilience and a diverse array of magic and physical abilities. The Taoist has a little-bit-of-everything and seems particularly skilled at controlling large groups of enemies while remaining safe.


Lancers deal tons of damage at tremendous range. Lancer abilities are highly mobile and, from the looks of it, will make for a potent PvP threat.  Single target DPS and big critical hits are strong reasons to consider the Lancer class, though Warrior offers more defensive options.

MIR4 is available to download on Android and IOS devices.

Pre-registration will continue until the official release date of August 26; all pre-registration applicants will be presented with a wealth of useful items that can be used in the game. Pre-register here for more details.

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