Warzone bans 50,000 more cheating accounts, players are not impressed

Raven Software, the developer of Call of Duty: Warzone, announced that they banned another 50,000 accounts from Warzone on Wednesday, and said that they are "listening and hard at work behind the scenes" to address the player base's concerns regarding cheating.


The latest ban wave matches their June ban wave, which also banned 50,000 cheaters. In total, the company has now banned 650,000 cheaters since the release of Warzone last year, though those waves have done very little to actively prevent cheating from happening in the game.


Much like with the last ban wave, it did little to assuage the anger and frustration of the Warzone player base who have been dealing with hackers on a daily basis for months. Cheating has become so endemic to the Warzone experience in recent months that many streamers are quitting the game and many are players calling for a boycott on the next season's battle pass.


Despite consistent, loud, and widespread calls for action, Raven Software has remained silent on the issue of cheating beyond occasionally taking down a cheat provider's website or instituting ban waves like this one. In fact, today was the first time they have even implied they might be working on a more effective solution to cheating, though even with today's Tweet they made no promises to players.


As a result, over the past several months cheating has gotten significantly worse and an increasing number of players have lost hope that Warzone could ever be cheater free.


Players respond to the latest ban wave

In response to Wednesday's announcement, many players were quick to point out that ban waves don't work in a free-to-play title, where cheaters can just go spin up another account. 


It's safe to say that most Warzone players are not happy with yet another merry-go-round ban wave that functionally does nothing to stop the cheating issue.

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