Warzone streamers flock to Apex Legends, JGOD calls Warzone "unplayable"

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Some of Warzone's biggest streamers are calling Warzone unplayable this week, and several including Nick Mercs and Dr. Disrespect are exploring Apex Legends as a potential replacement for Warzone out of their frustration toward's Activision's inaction on cheating.



I set to find out how easy it is to cheat in Warzone — and it’s depressing


The cheating problem in Warzone remains unaddressed by Activision, beyond occasional nominal ban waves. This is despite numerous, repeated, widespread demands from the Warzone players that the company institute a more effective anti-cheat system into the game.


On Friday,  perhaps the most influential Warzone streamer of all time JGOD released a video in which he called the game unplayable while commentating on a game of a blatant cheater and streamer.


"At the end of the day, it is what it is," JGOD said. "I thought i would talk about this, since its an ongoing issue that has been an issue for several months. . . It's only getting worse day-by-day, and nothing is being done about it, unfortunately."



Dr. Disrespect and Nickmercs are two massive streamers who have both been exploring Apex Legends as an alternative to Warzone in the wake of the cheating scandal.  


"I am not playing that game, I can't do it, I am done," NickMercs said after being killed by a cheater during his very first game of the day on Thursday. "I am loading up f*cking Apex, I am going to have fun for an hour."


In a similar outburst last week, Dr. Disrespect said, "uhm, here is what I am going to champs. I am going to uninstall this f*cking game. It's boring, its sickening, I can't see anyone in it, I can't hear anything, its loud explosions, and I am bored of it. . . we'll replace Warzone with Apex for today."



Arguably, the most popular streamer on the platform, xQc, has also had some negative interactions in Warzone this week, though he hasn't been switching to Apex Legends, at least not yet.  After being killed by a hacking stream sniper, xQc spectated the cheater out of exasperation and asked him a number of questions, revealing that the stream sniper paid $20 for his cheats and that he has never been permanently banned despite being a blatant cheater.



xQc Interviews shameless stream sniping hacker


The frustration is very visible among streamers and Warzone content creators. It is also very visible among the broader player base, with a Inven Global statistical analysis of last week's top posts on the Warzone subreddit revealing that nearly half of all posts and all top posts were about the cheating or glitching problem in some way.


Many players of all levels of professionalism and skill are justifiably angry at Warzone Developers, as hackers continue to ruin game after game with no end in sight. No wonder players are testing the waters of Apex Legends and looking forward to new games like Battlefield 2042, in hopes that one day they will be able to play in a fair match again.

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