Warzone bans 50,000 more cheaters but players demand devs do more

Source: Raven Software

Raven Software announced on Friday that they executed two ban waves this week, banning a total of 50,000 accounts. They also stated that they "targetted repeat offenders," though the mechanism by which they would target repeat offenders remains unclear. With the new wave, Warzone has now banned nearly 600,000 cheaters since the release of the game last year.



The newest ban wave comes on the heels of harsh criticism from the Warzone community, who have been very vocal in their belief that Raven Software is not doing enough to stop cheating. And this ban once again did not satisfy the player base, who believes that Raven Software isn't doing enough to stop the rampant cheating in Warzone.


In the comments under Raven Software's latest anti-cheat tweet, many players questioned the efficacy of the "ban wave" tactic for their free-to-play game. Many Warzone players called for a more robust anti-cheat system that will prevent hackers from having their way in the first place.




There has been a massive surge in hacking across AAA FPS titles in the last year. Player frustrations with cheaters have reached a boiling point in the past few weeks, with nearly every post online about Warzone referencing a cheat.


However, the blame for the cheating problem is not entirely on the developer's shoulders. As game developers have stepped up their anti-cheat efforts, so also has the cheat market grown stronger, as documented in our recent deep dive into Warzone cheats. It's clear developers need to do more, but what exactly they need to do is less clear. It's easy for backseat developers to demand "effective anti-cheat," it's a whole other thing to actually execute on that.


One thing is certain though, players are not content with the broken record of ban waves. For one, the player base will have to continue to wait for a more robust solution to Warzone's cheating problem.

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