DK ShowMaker: "As a pro, you should always read the patch notes thoroughly."

On day 41 of the 2021 LCK Summer split, DWG KIA defeated Gen.G 2-0 to take their 11th victory of the split. Because DK won tonight, if DK are to win their next match, they now guarantee themselves at least 2nd place, possibly even first place in the standings.


The most notable factor of tonight’s match was Heo “ShowMaker” Su’s Leblanc in game 2. From in-game decision making, orders, and outplays, he was the key player for DK.


ShowMaker joined Inven for a post-match interview, and rated his performance on Leblanc 50/100. “My Leblanc wasn’t anything special tonight. There are things that I did well, but I made a lot of mistakes, especially during the laning phase. I rate it 50/100.”


Gen.G’s top laner, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee’s performance on Viego was arguably the only factor that kept Gen.G in the game. ShowMaker talked about when he was caught out by his Viego. “In my mind, I thought we were in big trouble. However, I thought about what we needed to do next, and told my teammates to rush down mid to take their Nexus. It was important to be able to make situational decisions as the game went on in game 2, so I felt that I needed to really step up and make a lot of in-game calls. We’re all playing better as a team, so I think that we’ll be able to put on better performances as the time goes on.”


We also discussed the bot lane Syndra in game 1. ShowMaker commented, “As soon as I read the patch notes on her mana reduction buffs, I felt that the buffs were big enough to be played competitively. As a pro, you should always read the patch notes thoroughly. I take the time to even read the developer’s notes on the changes as well. I fear that if Syndra continues to be played in pro play, she’s going to be nerfed again; I don’t think Riot likes her that much [laughter].”

Syndra changes on patch 11.15

The developer’s notes on Syndra says the following: “Syndra’s 10.13 mana nerf was intended to bring her down in Pro play, but it was only somewhat effective, while also causing painful detriment to her early game. Now that she’s much less present in Pro, we’re reverting the change and will find another tactic if she poses a problem in the future.”


Lastly, ShowMaker shared how he’s doing on a personal level: “I don’t feel too pressured. My teammates and I are all playing better, so we’re enjoying the situation. We’ll make sure to win our next match to secure our spot at Worlds.”

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