FaZe Teeqo might be innocent in SaveTheKids scandal, based on crypto wallet

Source: Teeqo

FaZe Teeqo is claiming his innocence in the pump-and-dump SaveTheKids scheme that got him suspended from his org last week, and based on an analysis of his crypto wallet, he might be right. While the player did help promote the coin, it looks like he might have actually believed in it, since he did not dump his presale coins when SaveTheKids went live.


Last week, Teeqo was suspended along with Jarvis and Nikan, while FaZe Kay was kicked from FaZe Clan entirely. Kay released a video earlier this week in which he claimed to be innocent in the ordeal. However, Kay provided little evidence to back up his story, beyond saying that he lost money too. Teeqo on the other hand provided evidence that he really did lose money.


To prove his innocence, Teeqo provided his wallet code to Keemstar, who forwarded it to SomeOrdinaryGamer who did a full analysis. A crypto wallet can be used to confirm whether he sold any SaveTheKids coin, since the blockchain immutably records every transaction. Based on the wallet code, it appears that Niko's alleged wallet received a large quantity of SaveTheKids, but he did not sell any of it.



The wallet in question is 0x04Bf063811D68944DB9ABA0083ba8928076e58FB, for anyone who wants to see the information for themselves. The wallet lists two incoming transactions for SaveTheKids token, with a total of 7.16 million KIDS tokens. There are zero outgoing transactions for SaveTheKids in Teeqo's wallet.


If the wallet is truly Teeqo's, he might actually be innocent in the scheme to inflate the market and dump STK coins. Instead, it appears he may have been a victim who also lost money on a coin he was holding. According to his transaction history, he even bought extra coins with his own money during the pre-sale.


With this new information coming to light, it is possible we will see FaZe Clan welcome him back from his indefinite suspension. However, it may be a while before that happens since FaZe is presumably completing their own thorough investigation into Teeqo, Jarvis, and Nikan. We will have to wait and see if their results confirm Teeqo's innocence.

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