FaZe Kay claims innocence in first statement since FaZe Clan kicked him

Source: FaZe Kay

FaZe Kay released a new statement on Friday in which he claimed his innocence in the SaveTheKids crypto token debacle, blaming all of the malfeasances on an unnamed person that Kay referred to as a "conman." Kay alleged that this person gained his trust, encouraged him to be the ambassador for the SaveTheKids crypto token, and then changed the code just before launch to screw everyone over.


The statement was his first public statement since FaZe Clan kicked Kay from their organization, and suspended three of his teammates for their involvement in what many are calling a pump-and-dump crypto scam. 


In his video titled "The Truth About SaveTheKids", an emotional Kay claimed:


"This is the truth, I lost money on the SaveTheKids token. What actually upsets me the most is that anyone else was hurt. We have uncovered significant evidence which confirms that a dishonest person abused his trust with me to scam everybody. This person gained my trust and the trust of my friends while still encouraging us to be the public face of his scheme. He then abused that trust to go and alter the code right before launch, resulting in six-figure profits for him, and leaving the rest of us to be blamed."


Kay indicated in the video that there isn't much more he can say, for legal reasons. He went on to say that lawyers are involved and they are working with authorities.


"We are conducting a very thorough, independent, and aggressive investigation, to find out exactly what happened and when, and to do that most effectively I need your help."


He then prompted those who did lose money on the pump-and-dump token to share their experience with infoforstk@gmail.com.  


It is unclear if or when we will learn more about this situation, from Kay or anyone else involved. Kay is the only disciplined member of FaZe clan to speak out, with the other three thus far remaining silent, presumably for legal reasons.


We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available. 




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