GEN Bdd: "When I saw Canyon play Akali, I thought it was cute."


On June 30, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Gen.G defeated Fredit BRION 2-1. Unlike people expected, the two teams had a close match. However, in the end, it was Gen.G who continued their undefeated winning streak. After the match, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong joined the media for a chat.



How do you feel about today’s win?


We could have won 2-0 against Fredit BRION, but it’s a bit unsatisfying that we won 2-1.


How would you evaluate today’s match?


I thought we would do well in game 2 too, but it’s regretful that we made mistakes. We got through the unfavorable laning matchups and were able to get ahead in the comp, but we gave them chances to turn the game around.


You’re on a 7-game winning streak.


I do feel good about that, but we always think that we could lose any time, so that we play in the games with our guards always up.


How would you rate yourself for today’s game?


I would have given myself 10 out of 10 if we had a clean 2-0 win, but since we lost game 2, I’ll give myself 1 out of 10.


Your next opponent is DWG KIA. There’s Canyon and ShowMaker — which one do you want to face in mid lane?


When I saw Canyon play Akali, I thought it was cute. Since I played against ShowMaker many times, I want to face Canyon. It seemed that Canyon didn’t feel any pressure playing mid lane. It would be quite difficult playing in a different position in official games, but Canyon didn’t seem pressured at all. That was impressive.


If you were to go to a different position, which position do you want to play?


I think I’m good at helping others. If I play support, I believe I could take care of Ruler very well.


Any last comments?


I’ll keep doing my best so that we could continue our winning streak.

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