Warzone Season 4 LMG tier List

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While LMG’s are not the most popular weapon type in Warzone, they are definitely viable, especially for those who enjoy a more stationary, area-control playstyle. LMG’s slow down your movement significantly while you carry them, but they also feature high levels of accuracy, low recoil, and more than enough bullets in their magazine to avoid needing to reload during team fights.


For those who are drawn to these hefty weapons, here are the best LMG’s to use in Warzone’s season 4!

Tier S

  • MG82
  • Stoner 63



New in Warzone Season 4, the MG82 was released in an absolutely broken state. When equipped with the right loadout, this laser of a weapon is capable of absolutely shredding the enemy at essentially any range, at least in its current state. Raven Software has confirmed that a nerf is coming for the gun, but even with whatever nerf they bring, the MG82 has the potential to stay on top.


Stoner 63

The Stoner 63 has been a solid weapons for a few seasons now. In Season 4, the weapon quietly remains one of the best LMG options. The Cold War LMG features up to 42 damage per shot up close, which means it is capable of killing an armored opponent in only six shots. When its high damage is combined with its very controllable recoil, this weapon becomes extremely deadly at any range.


Tier A

  • MG34
  • Bruen MK9


In the right hands, the MG34 is incredibly deadly. The MG34 has been one of the most popular LMG picks in the game since the start of Season 1, and its popularity has continued to rise over the past three seasons, partly because the time to kill on this weapon is actually faster than the M4A1, which means you confidently can take duels with AR's while using this gun.


Since this gun is able to outperform even some of the best guns in Warzone Season 4, it’s a no-brainer to put this in Tier A.


Bruen MK9

The Bruen MK9 has found its place in the Warzone meta as a compromise between an assault rifle and an LMG. This weapon has the damage and fire rate of an LMG, but can also be built out as to be a highly mobile killing machine by adding the 60 round mags and Commando Foregrip. The Bruen won’t be quite as effective as the MG82 or Stoner 63 at range, but it excels in close-quarters combat.

Tier B

  • FiNN
  • PKM
  • RPD


The FiNN in Warzone Season 4 remains a usable gun, but it won’t outperform the Tier A or Tier S selections in most situations. Similar to the MK9, the FiNN rests on a middle ground between assault rifle and LMG. Based on your loadout, this gun can be equipped to be a mobile hunting machine, or can be equipped to support your squad with reliable, if unexciting, suppressive fire. It may not be the best LMG in the game, but it’s still a great weapon for fans of more mobile LMGs.



The PKM is a common drop in Warzone, so you will probably find yourself picking it up a lot in the early game. Luckily, it’s a pretty competent weapon that can get the job done when needed. This gun deals great damage at range, features low levels of recoil, and has a large magazine, so you will almost never have to reload during a fight. While it may not be at the top of the meta, the PKM can hold its own.



In the right hands, the RPD can be a great gun, but it's not for everyone. This LMG feels the most like an AR out of any other gun in the LMG category, due to its decently fast ADS time and portability. But It has a lot of recoil too. The recoil is reasonably vertical, so learning how to control it isn't too difficult, but without a decent amount of practice this gun will underperform compared to many of its LMG counterparts. 



The M60 packs a punch with each hit, but its low time-to-kill and slow fire rate make it a difficult gun to win duels with. So while this gun is certainly a strong contender in team fights when equipped with a decent scope and the 22.8" Match Grade Barrel, its lack of mobility and slow ADS time make it unideal for solo engagements.  The biggest upside to the M60 is the very low recoil rate, which makes it a decent pick for medium and long-range engagements.  

Tier C


The M91 is one of the worst LMG’s in the game because it is really only useful at long ranges, and will lose most of its fights at short and medium ranges. While it has a reasonably easy-to-control recoil and a good damage model, it is one of the bulkiest and slowest weapons in the whole game. The speed debuff that comes with this gun isn’t worth it, especially in Warzone Season 4 where speed is often the difference between surviving and being sent to the Gulag. 



The SA87 has a solid time-to-kill and feels good to use at a variety of ranges, however, its slow fire rate is a huge drawback that makes it much less viable than the other LMG’s in Warzone. That said, there are many competitive players who swear by this weapon, so don’t be afraid to try it out despite its low tier-rating.

Tier D


The Holger-26 doesn’t have much going for it, if we are being honest. It has a low damage model and poor recoil control that puts it well below the other LMG’s in the game. While even Tier C LMG’s are generally viable in Warzone, there isn’t much reason to ever pick up the Tier-D Holger-26, unless you are just a glutton for pain.


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