Warzone Season 4 Submachine Gun tier list

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Warzone Season 4 has arrived, and submachine guns are looking strong heading into the new season. The entire category of SMG's received a nice buff to the weapon class sprint speed last season, making SMG's a desirable alternative to short-range rifles like the FARA 83 and the FFAR.


Generally speaking, many of the best SMGs from Season 3 will remain top tier in Warzone Season 4. Here is our tier list ranking every SMG in Warzone Season 3!  


Tier S

  • MAC-19
  • LC10


The MAC-10 has been the unquestioned authority figure in the SMG family since the release of  Warzone over a year ago, and that isn't going to change in Warzone Season 4. The MAC-10 has the fastest time to kill of any SMG in Warzone and will consistently win encounters against basically any other weapon in short-range, including the infamous FFAR 1 assault rifle. If you aren’t using the MAC-10, you are missing out on a truly exceptional weapon.



The LC10 was new in Season 2, and it proved to be a pretty solid all-around SMG in Season 3. The LC10 has a slightly lower time-to-kill than the MAC-10, but it has very manageable vertical recoil that can reliably challenge enemies in short and medium-range fights. If you are looking for a great SMG that has a more versatile effective range than the MAC-10, check out the LC10.


Tier A

  • MP7
  • AK74U
  • MP5
  • Bullfrog


the MP7 remains one of the very best SMG choices in Warzone as we kick off the new season. Once equipped with the 60 round magazine and attachments to reduce its recoil, the MP7 transforms into a powerful laser that can quickly eliminate multiple foes at close range using a single clip. This gun is top of A-tier, tottering on the brink of S-tier.



The AK74U was added with the Cold War weapons at the start of Warzone Season 1. Since then, its place in the meta has consistently risen due to its hard-hitting damage model and solid headshot damage. When paired with extended mags and attachments designed to further limit recoil, the AK74U will absolutely dominate in close ranges. This weapon will not, however, handle well outside 20 meters, so keep that in mind.

MP5 (Coldwar and MW)

The MP5 — whether it’s the version from Modern Warfare or Cold War — is an amazing weapon because of its high damage potential and its ease-of-use. It has very easy to control vertical and horizontal recoil and is effective at both close and medium ranges. On top of that, the MW version of this gun also received a range buff of 10% and a slight upper torso damage increase in the new season patch! In season 4, the MP5 is set to remains one of the easiest-to-use Submachine guns in Warzone.


The biggest difference between the Cold War and Modern Warfare version of this weapon is that the Cold War MP5 doesn’t have as much horizontal recoil but fires a little bit slower. Other than that, the weapons handle very similarly. Regardless of which one you choose, the MP5 is a strong weapon that performs quite competitive in Warzone Season 4.



The Bullfrog is a better weapon than you might think at first glance. While its damage model looks average on paper, its massive magazine and high bullet velocity make it a devastating weapon in CQB encounters where you have to engage multiple foes. It is a half-decent weapon at moderate distances as well. If you enjoy SMG gameplay but don’t like reloading, the Bullfrog might be a solid option to check out this season! 

Tier B

  • Fennec
  • P90
  • Uzi


The Fennec's declining power level stems from its limited range and difficult to control spray pattern. In exchange for these sacrifices, however, the Fennec offers players the fastest fire rate in the game. When that fire rate is combined with extended magazines, at short range this gun can down squads of enemies very quickly. But beyond that particular circumstance, other weapons will outperform it in Warzone Season 4.



The P90 is a solid SMG with a large magazine and low levels of recoil. Unfortunately, the weapon suffers at range due to its sub-par accuracy and fast damage dropoff. While the P90 is still a viable weapon in Warzone Season 2 for fans of the gun, SMGs like the LC10, MP5, and MAC-10 all outperform it at both close and long-range fights. 



The Uzi is a very common weapon to come across on the ground in Warzone, so you will likely find yourself using it a lot in early game scenarios. It is capable of high damage and has a surprisingly versatile effective range, making it a very usable gun. However, in Warzone Season 4, the Uzi is just outclassed by many of the other SMG’s. While it’s a viable weapon to pick up off the ground, it isn’t a weapon that you will want to be putting in your loadout drops.


Tier C

  • PP19 Bizon
  • Milano 821
  • PPSh-41

PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon has never been a top-tier weapon in Warzone, and that won't change in Season 4. This off-meta SMG suffers due to its low time-to-kill, terrible damage at range stats, and abysmal iron sights. Unfortunately, you will probably end up having to use this weapon a lot, since it is a common floor loot gun. While a skilled player can make it work in a pinch, you should get rid of it as soon as you can, because the PP19 Bizon is truly mediocre.


Milano 821

This gun received some big buffs in the new patch. While its still early in the season and there is a lot of testing to be done, the damage buffs, range buffs, and multiplier buffs are enough to move this to C-tier for now. However, it is going to have to prove itself to stay there.


The PPSh-41 was added to Warzone last season. Unfortunately, this weapon never picked up much steam in the meta due to its very limited range options. Even with a setup designed to limit its recoil, this gun is too unwieldy to rely on in most fights, unless they are in extremely close quarters. I would skip this gun in Warzone Season 4.

Tier D

  • KSP 45
  • Striker 45
  • ISO

KSP 45

The KSP 45 is a 3-round-burst SMG that is ineffective at pretty much all ranges, making it generally a bad idea to run it. Even with the buffs to its range featured in the new patch, I wouldn't choose this gun. The gaps between the bursts make this weapon both hard to use and less effective at close range than just about any high-fire rate SMG on this list. You could try to take advantage of the low levels of recoil and use this at medium ranges, but like the Striker 45, it makes little sense to build out a mid to long-range SMG when there are AR’s that would do that job better. 


Striker 45

The Striker 45 SMG is an SMG designed to be ineffective at close-range, only working in mid to long-range encounters. But why though? Why would you use this SMG in Warzone, when you could use an assault rifle instead? While the Striker 45 is not bad within its effective range, an assault rifle will work better in most situations, especially with the FFAR still on top of the AR meta. Don't use this gun in Warzone season 4.



The ISO is well out of the SMG gun meta in Season 3. It has a decent fire rate, but it sports a very short effective distance. It is outperformed by pretty much every gun on this list, even at its best. There is no reason why you would ever run the ISO over the MP5, MP7, or MAC-10.


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