[Guide] Top 3 Cold War weapons poised to dominate in Warzone Season 2

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The release of Call of Duty Warzone’s first season back in December brought a host of new weapons from COD’s latest title, Call of Duty: Cold War. While some of these weapons failed to make their mark on the Warzone meta, others Cold War weapons have proven to be quite capable in the second half of Season 1. 


Heading into season two, there are several Cold War weapons that are currently positioned to take over the Warzone meta. Here are the three Cold War weapons that are set to absolutely dominate in Warzone season 2!



Cold War M16 is the best Cold War rifle to try in Warzone

Best Cold War rifle: Cold War M16

The DMR 14 dominated the first half of Warzone’s first season, but since its latest nerf in January, the Cold War M16 has risen to take its place as arguably the best weapon in the game. If you are looking for a burst weapon that can deal deadly damage at all ranges, the M16 is a good bet.


With its 50 max damage that drops off to 40 damage at range, you can down an unarmored opponent in a single burst with this gun within 21 meters. An armored opponent will only take two bursts at short range, assuming you hit every shot. 


However, you probably won’t want to get that close to your enemies with this weapon. There is about a quarter-second delay between each burst. This delay is no big deal at medium and long ranges. However, that delay does severely limit this gun’s ability to win short-range conflicts. When using the M16, if you miss shots at short range you will probably lose the gunfight.



What makes the M16 such a dominant force in Warzone is its ability to consistently win medium and long-range engagements. The M16 has very little recoil between each shot, making it pretty easy to land consecutive bursts on a long-range target. There is a little bit of sway to the weapon, but if you use a 2x or 3x magnifying scope the visual recoil becomes less of a factor. 


Best Warzone M16 loadout

When it comes to selecting attachments for the M16, you should start with the Agency Suppressor, which will help keep your location hidden from enemies. You can add the 20.5” Task Force Barrel to gain 50% bullet velocity, which will counteract the 30% reduction from your suppressor. The Task Force Barrel also increases your damage at range by 50%, which is a significant upgrade. 


The rest of the attachments will just depend on your personal preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different attachments and play styles with this weapon.


The Cold War FFAR excels at run-and-gun playstyle


Best Cold War CQB weapon: FFAR

If you are looking for a weapon that can shred at close ranges, the Cold War FFAR is a great option. While the FFAR is technically a bullpup assault rifle, it works much more like an SMG in regards to its range and performance. This weapon is great for anyone who prefers a run and gun play style, or anybody who is simply looking for a solid short-range weapon to rely on.


The FFAR has a high 909 rpm rate of fire and a very manageable level of recoil that kicks in a predictable vertical direction. Since this gun maxes out at 33 damage per shot, you can theoretically down an enemy in .2 seconds, and can down a fully armored opponent in less than a half of a second. So the FFAR has one of the fastest times to kill in the game at short range. When this rapid time to kill is combined with a near-instantaneous ADS time of .25 seconds, this gun becomes an instant kill machine at close range.


Best Warzone FFAR loadout

As far as the best weapon attachments for the FFAR, it should be equipped with the Agency Suppressor to stay off the minimap. The Reinforced Barrel is a good barrel option since it will increase the gun’s range by around 30% and increase its bullet velocity by about 50%. 


Finally, the 50 round Fast Mag is also a must-have, since the biggest drawback to the FFAR is its low standard magazine capacity of 25 rounds.


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Best Cold War LMG: The Stoner 63

After a decade of absence from COD titles, the Stoner 63 made its return to COD with the release of Cold War. LMG’s aren’t the best option for fast-paced, run-and-gun style players. But for those who prefer to take a slower, more strategic approach to Warzone, the Stoner is one of the most reliable mid-range to long-range weapons in the game, with one of the fastest times to kill.


This weapon featured a base damage for 42 up close, which then drops off to 32 damage at range. This means that this gun can kill unarmored enemies in three shots up close and four shots at long ranges. It features a 722 RPM rate of fire, which is the fastest in the LMG class. The resulting time to kill on an unarmored foe is less than a quarter second up close, which means this weapon kills faster than some SMG’s up close



While its time to kill is impressive, the best part about the Stoner 63 is its low level of recoil.  Its recoil pattern goes up and ever so slightly to the right. Once you have mastered this very easy and predictable pattern, you would be surprised at how deadly this gun is even at long ranges. 


The biggest downside to the Stoner 63 is how bulky it is. As a result of its size, this weapon will slow you down if you run with it, it has a long reload, and it features a pretty slow aim-down-sights time. But in exchange for these drawbacks, the Stoner 63 gives you one of the fastest times to kill in the game and one of the most controllable recoil spreads available.


Best Warzone Stoner 63 loadout

As with the other weapons on this list, you should throw the Agency Suppressor on the Stoner 63. The 12.8” Task Force Barrel is a good barrel choice because it increases both the range damage and bullet velocity on this weapon by a full 100% each, with only minor drawbacks to your ammo capacity. 


The Bruise Grip is an important attachment for this weapon because it will increase your movement, sprint, and aim walking movement speed. You should also consider the Airborn Elastic Wrap, which offers a 30$ bonus to your ADS time. These two attachments combine together to help mitigate this gun’s lack of mobility, making the gun a more viable weapon in fast-paced duels.


Finally, the Fast Mag is a great addition for this gun. It has no drawbacks and offers a straight 25% buff to your reload speed.

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