Kazuya announcement reveals Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC pattern

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have, once again, found a possible pattern that could help predict the next (and last) DLC fighter. And I say "possible" because Sakurai has a way of shocking fans every single time. 


A photo has been going around Reddit that shows a pattern in Smash DLC that the community is probably hoping will never come true. Because if it is, that means another swordie — maybe even a Fire Emblem fighter — will be the final DLC. 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC pattern revealed by fans


One Smash player realized that each DLC Fighter Pass might have followed the same pattern, at least so far. 


The first DLC in Volume 1 was Piranha Plant. It was Min Min from ARMS in Volume 2. These are both first-party characters, meaning they come from Nintendo games. 


The second fighters in Volume 1 and Volume 2 were "WTF 3rd party" characters, Joker and Steve respectively. Joker is from Persona 5, developed by Atlus. It's usually played on PlayStation. Steve and his cohorts are from Minecraft, developed by Mojang. Minecraft is playable on all consoles, however, including the Nintendo Switch. 


The third fighters are Hero in Volume 1 and Sephiroth in Volume 2. These are "RPG guys." Hero is from Dragon Quest, a very infamous RPG with a huge following in Japan. Sephiroth is a villain from Final Fantasy. 


Banjo & Kazooie and Pyra & Mythra are next. These two characters are "duo" fighters, according to the pattern. Two fighters in one is quite rare in Super Smash Bros, making this matchup a particularly interesting coincidence. 


Then the most recent fighter: Kazuya. In Volume 1, the second to last fighter was Terry from Fatal Fury. He has a very classic fighting style inspired by 2D fighting games. He also has a comeback mechanic that gives him two powerful moves when he's above 100 damage. 


Kazuya has cemented this alleged pattern since he is a classic fighter from the Tekken series. In the E3 presentation, Sakurai briefly showed off his moveset. They were all very heavily inspired by his moveset in Tekken, another 2D fighting game. Terry and Kazuya even have a similar down air. But we will see more about Kazuya and his playstyle on June 28th. 




Is it all a coincidence? 


Many Smash players are hoping so, because that would mean something quite unfortunate for many Smash fans who hate the amount of Fire Emblem characters on the roster already. The final DLC in Volume 1 was Byleth, from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Does that mean Volume 2 will also end with a Fire Emblem fighter? Or a swordie in general? 



Is another swordie coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? 


It's currently impossible to know who the last DLC fighter is but signs point to no, which most likely leaves a lot of fans relieved. First reason: Fan theories have continuously been proven wrong. Second reason: Would Sakurai really give the allegedly last DLC slot of all time to a series that is already represented heavily in the game? 


Fire Emblem is a very popular series in Japan (and the US to a lesser extent).  But would it create enough hype to be given the last slot? Does Sakurai care about fan hype? Or is he just doing what he wants before he finally rests?


Right now, fans are speculating that the last DLC fighter will be Crash Bandicoot, Master Chief, Eggman, or maybe even a Pokemon. But the random announcement of Kazuya, who was on nobody's radar or wish list, has shaken up the community a little bit. It seems that Sakurai really does like to surprise the Smash community, never choosing the most-talked-about characters for his roster. 


That leaves one true choice left to carry the title of "last DLC fighter in Ultimate of all time." That's Captain Toad. Captain Toad might also have an axe, so if that counts as a sword he could technically fit into the fan theory as well. 


As fans continue to pick apart the theory ("Pyra & Mythra are not a duo, they are a swap out character"), Sakurai is most likely preparing to announce a very surprising DLC that nobody will expect. 

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