Hungrybox, Nairo react to Kazuya — is the hype earned this time around?

Source: Hungrybox


The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter was not on most fans' radar. It wasn't Crash Bandicoot. It wasn't Dante. It wasn't Master Chief. Sakurai announced Tekken's Kazuya during the Nintendo Direct yesterday. 


And fans are generally disappointed. 


Since the release, fans have been lamenting about how nobody has asked for Kazuya. Sakurai had managed to surprise the masses once again, picking someone nobody would have guessed. But at what cost? For many Smash players, Kazuya felt pretty underwhelming knowing only two DLC are left


Competitive players were not pleased to see another character with a comeback mechanic. While it's unclear exactly how Kazuya plays until the June 28th presentation, the quick sneak peak at Kazuya's moves showed him gaining wings and strong moves, similar to Sephiroth, Terry, and Joker. Not having access to a fighter's full moveset from the beginning of a match is always frustrating for certain players. 


Another complaint was Kazuya's similar moveset to Terry and Ryu. His down aerial and other fighting game-inspired attacks didn't feel very fresh. Still, Smash players don't know Kazuya's full attack list and playstyle yet. 


Even though Kazuya wasn't on most people's wishlist for the last remaining Smash DLC, he was welcomed to the game thanks to how fun it seemed to master him and the iconic Tekken series finally getting a rep. It was nowhere near a hype release, but Super Smash Bros. fans are anticipating the Kazuya presentation later in the month before making any harsh judgments. 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pros react to Kazuya at Nintendo Direct E3 2021


Melee God Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma always has a very over-the-top reaction to Smash reveals on YouTube. And Kazuya was no different. 


"WHAT IS THIS! WHO IS THE CHARACTER!?!" Hungrybox screamed at the start of the stream. 


And by Kazuya showed up, he was standing up and jumping. Hungrybox said he had called a Tekken character coming to Smash. Well, yelled it. 


"Everyone is here," Hungrybox exclaimed. "He's like Terry on drugs. This is gonna be one of the most technical characters in the game. He's about to win everything. He has so many moves." 



Formerly shunned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate veteran Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada also reacted to Kazuya in a well-received YouTube video. The versatile player said he was surprised to see a Tekken character but was excited by the concept. 


"This character is about to be tripping character to get true combos all the fucking time," Nairo noted. "Oh my god, dude, the dash. This is sick. I'm very interested in this. Don't have an ass recovery... But he probably will. 10 hit combo... You already know that shit is extra punishable if you miss."



But Super Smash Bros. streamers are notorious for overreacting. Who can forget Desmond "Etika" Amofah's extreme reactions to Nintendo Directs? RIP. But are the screams and cheers earned this time around? Or are they exaggerating their reactions for views (and a good thumbnail)? 

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