Back to finals after 3 years: RNG beat PSG Talon 3-1 to make MSI 2021 finals

Source: Riot Games


Royal Never Give Up has punched its ticket to the finals of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational in a 3-1 victory over PSG Talon. RNG will match against the winner of the other Knockout Stage semifinal between DWG KIA and MAD Lions, which will be played tomorrow before the final on Sunday.



RNG entered the Knockout Stage as the 2nd seed of the four teams remaining in the tournament following the conclusion of the Rumble Stage, and due to its 8-0 Group Stage and 15-3 record overall, came into the match every bit a favorite to win the event as DWG KIA.  However, PSG Talon was one of the few teams to beat RNG at MSI, and thus, the series was expected to be competitive.


Competitive it was. RNG pulled out to a 1-0 lead after a near 40-minute battle before continuing to stack cloud drakes into a late game win. PSG Talon bounced back in game 2, absolutely slaughtering RNG for the most convincing win in the series. However, RNG remained confident and retreated to what worked for the team in game 1 with a well-balanced teamfighting composition, and the superior play of jungler Yan "Wei" Yang-We on Morgana led to a sub 25-min win for the Chinese side.


Game 4 of the series was a bloody one, featuring many kills around the map early on in the game, but crucially, each punch from one side was met with a counter-punch from the other. The game remained even into the late game until a crucial teamfight from PSG Talon gave it the biggest gold lead either team possessed in the past 30 minutes, but eventually, the Infernal Soul captured by RNG gave it the edge it needed in a single late game teamfight.


PSG Talon played admirably throughout the final game of the series, and because of the immaculate play of substitute AD carry Chiu "Doggo" Tzu-Chuan on Tristana, won the majority of the late game teamfights.


However, RNG just needed the one fight they got post 35-minutes to push into the base and end the series. Now in the finals, RNG awaits the winner of DWG KIA and MAD Lions to see who will be crowned champion of MSI 2021. 

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