Announcing Inven Global's MSI 2021 Group Stage All-Pro team winners

Source: Riot Games


The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is heating up. The surprising performance of securing Rumble stage slot stood out as a defining storyline of the group stage, but other than that, the other five teams locked in for Rumble are about who’d you expect: Royal Never Give Up, MAD Lions, PSG Talon, DWG KIA, and Cloud9.


With the group stage behind us, Inven Global’s League of Legends newsroom got together to vote their All-Pro Teams for the first stage of MSI. And believe it or not, it’s not DWG KIA all throughout.


Inven Global's All-Pro teams for MSI Group Stage are (points in parentheses):


Position 1st All-Pro 2nd All-Pro 3rd All-Pro
Top RNG Xiaohu (15) DK Khan (9) MAD Armut (5)
Jungle RNG Wei (13) DK Canyon (12) MAD Elyoya (4)
Mid DK ShowMaker (15) C9 Perkz (7) MAD Humanoid (5)
ADC RNG GALA (13) DK Ghost (9) MAD Carzzy (4)
Support DK BeryL (12) RNG Ming (11) MAD Kaiser (5)
Source: Riot Games


Top: Li "Xiaohu" Yuan-Hao

KDA 6.6 2nd in role (1st is Armut at 6.7)
CSD@10 21.4 1st in role (2nd is Hanabi at 6.8)
GD@10 1091 1st in role (2nd is Evi at 276)
DMG% 23.2% 8th in role (1st is Evi at 28.2%)

Xiaohu was unanimously voted for the 1st All-Pro team on his group stage performance. The player came to MSI with huge expectations after his role swap and he even went back to the mid lane for a single game against PentanetGG to flex a 13/0/3 KDA on Ryze. Xiaohu was dominating the early game in every single match, averaging 1,789 gold difference at minute 15 (GD@15). Lucian was one of his signature champion picks in the LPL and it was banned for a reason. Nevertheless, the two times he was allowed to pick it, Xiaohu kindly reminded us why the champion should remain banned against him — perhaps for the rest of the tournament.


Source: Riot Games

Jungle: Yan "Wei" Yang-Wei

KDA 8.3 1st in role (2nd is Elyoya at 6.7)
KP% 67.9% 6th in role (1st is Steal at 80.6%)
WPM 0.59 1st in role (2nd is Elyoya at 0.54)
WCPM 0.26 11th in role (1st is Steal at 0.46)

The battle for 1st place in the jungle was close and the difference was only a single point. In Group A Wei was unchallenged in the jungle as Jackson "Pabu" Pavone and Kirill "AHaHaCiK" Skvortsov couldn't come close to his level of play. In the LPL, stayed on Udyr the majority of the games but he showed that he is ready to expand in MSI, with five unique picks in eight games.


One of those champions was the meta-defining Rumble, on which Wei boasted the astonishing 53.0 in three games, dying only a single time. Wei's statement for being the best in his role at MSI is a strong one, but he's still to face the "final boss" — DK's Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu.

Source: Riot Games

Mid lane: Heo "ShowMaker" Su

KDA 5.5 2nd in role (1st is Cryin at 6.0)
CSD@10 5.8 3rd in role (1st is Humanoid at 10.2)
GD@10 81 4th in role (1st is Cryin at 387)
DMG% 25.2% 8th in role (1st is Nomanz at 33.8%)

ShowMaker won the mid lane vote effortlessly after his performances during the group stage. He once again illustrated why he is the engine of DWG KIA and also why he should be considered as the best mid laner in the world. Even in the game where he was behind against C9, his Sylas was doing insane plays and he was mechanically outplaying his opponents.


With six unique picks in six games, ShowMaker also hasn't repeated a champion once, and his performance on Yasuo in the last game of Group C was among the highlights of the tournament so far. What a show for the fans indeed.

Source: Riot Games

ADC: Chen "GALA" Wei

KDA 12.1 1st in role (2nd is Ghost at 10.3)
CSD@10 23.1 1st in role (2nd is Doggo at 5.3)
GD@10 671 1st in role (2nd is Carzzy at 298)
DMG% 24.2% 5th in role (1st is Carzzy at 27.7%)

GALA won the voting as he was the cleanest AD Carry in the group stage, although that was somewhat expected as he had the easiest opposition in and Unicorns of Love and with GAM Esports unable to travel to Iceland.


Famous for his Kai'Sa play in the LPL, GALA excelled on the champion in four of the eight games RNG played, even though his opponents had clear intel on his preferences and playstyle. GALA was one of the players who stepped up to win the LPL trophy for RNG and he is showing no signs of stopping at MSI. Just like Xiaohu and Wei, however, GALA needs to be challenged more which is where the Rumble stage comes in.

Oh, and please: B_n K_ _ S_.

Source: Riot Games

Support: Cho "BeryL" Geon-hee

KDA 2.5 5th in role (1st is Ming at 8.0)
KP% 62.4% 6th in role (1st is Ackerman at 75.0%)
WPM 1.64 3rd in role (1st is Luci at 1.70)
WCPM 0.49 1st in role (2nd is Kazu at 0.42)

The support voting also came close as Beryl beat Shi "Ming" Sen-Ming by a single point. Even though the bot lane of DK is still considered their weakest spot, BeryL is doing his best to prove us all wrong, showing some insane mechanical skills. His Sett against Infinity was tough to handle as he was countering every engage movement from the opposition. So far, BeryL has played five unique champions, which also indicates a healthy champion pool going forward.



MSI 2021 resumes with the Rumble Stage on Friday, May 14. The top four of the six teams will make the playoffs to decide who is the next international League of Legends champion.

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