Warzone Season 2 tactical rifle tier list

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There aren't many tactical rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone. In fact, there are currently only four guns in the entire category. However, despite there being comparatively few tactical rifles, this category has emerged as one of the most deadly weapon types in the entire game due to Warzone's emphasis on high damage, long-range weaponry.


We put together a tier list ranking the tactical rifles in Warzone Season 2. It's looking like these rankings will probably persist into Season 3 as well, unless something drastic changes.




The Cold War AUG is a 3-round  burst tactical rifle that is capable of downing fully armored opponents in just two bursts, making it one of the best guns in Warzone Season 2. The AUG meta replaced the M16 meta that was dominant in the latter half of Season 1 and the beginning of Warzone Season 2.


The AUG has been a massive thorn in the side of Warzone players throughout Season 2, due to its devastating damage and complete lack of damage fall off. This burst rifle has become so dominant in the Warzone meta, that even after the developers recently nerfed its recoil, it remains at the very top of the tactical rifle list. Raven Software is going to have to supply a more significant nerf if they want to see this weapon's pick-rate go down.



The powerhouse of Season 1 is still a strong contender in Warzone Season 2, even after they nerfed its extended mags. The Cold War M16 deals a similar amount of damage to the Aug and when outfitted with the right attachments it can be a huge threat in Warzone. 


Perhaps the most interesting part of using the M16 is its effectiveness at all ranges. With the AUG,  you will generally want to stick to medium and long-range encounters, especially after they increased the overall recoil of that weapon. The M16, on the other hand, won't work quite as well at the AUG's ideal range but makes up for that by being good at a wide variety of ranges, including up-close. 


Obviously, the M16 is no replacement for an AR or SMG at closer ranges, but its ability to cover everything from long-range to short-range conflicts adds a unique value to this weapon.


Type 63

The Type 63 is pretty fun to use and a reliable semi-automatic rifle that is based on the FAL weapon design. It will be outgunned at most ranges by the M16 and the AUG, but like the M16 it is surprisingly good at short ranges. In some ways, this gun feels like a semiautomatic version of the M16. The semi-automatic fire is pretty easy to control and can be spammed effectively in closer range fights.


The Type 63 has a slight edge over the DMR 1, due to its faster time-to-kill. That said, it all depends on what you want to do with your gun. Type 63 will work best when used at AR ranges, while the DMR 1 will be better for longer-range duels.



The DMR 1 is a semiautomatic weapon that is modeled off the M14. This weapon is very fun to use for anyone who is a fan of the look and feel of old-school weaponry in games. As noted above, the DMR 1 is best when used at longer ranges when compared to the Type 63, but the guns are pretty equivalent in power level.


This is a fun weapon to use in Warzone, but there is no way it competes in the meta with either the M16 or the AUG. If you are looking for the best, I suggest you start with those burst rifles. For those who enjoy semi-automatic DMR gameplay, the Type 63 and DMR 1 are very satisfying and can hold their own if used in the right situations.


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