Warzone Season 2 shotgun tier list

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While most folks select SMG’s or an FFAR assault rifle for their short-range weapons in Warzone Season 2, there is also a significant base of players who love running around with shotguns. There are a number of shotguns available for use in Warzone, and some of them are legitimately strong contenders in the Season 2 meta.


To help you select only the most deadly shotguns, we put together a tier list ranking every shotgun in Warzone Season 2.


Tier S



The R9-0 has been a top-rated pump shotgun since Warzone Season 1, and that dominance has continued into Season 2, even after it was nerfed. This gun can be equipped with Dragon’s Breath to quickly kill enemies with fire. Alternatively, you can outfit it for a longer range effectiveness by equipping the slug. Regardless of your preferred loadout, the R9-0 is a killing machine and the best shotgun in the game.

Tier A



The Jak-12 is a fully automatic shotgun that was added to Warzone with the release of Black Ops Cold War last year. The gun quickly proved itself to be one of the most powerful weapons and was nerfed soon after being added into Warzone in Season 1.


In Season 2, the gun remains a viable shotgun with more range than you expect. When this gun is built out with attachment that maximize your mobility, it makes for a shock and awe, run-and-gun weapon. If you like creating some chaos, you might enjoy the JAK-12 shotgun.


Gallo SA12


The Gallo SA12 is the best semi-automatic shotgun featured in Warzone. This gun is powerful, having the ability to down opponents in an instant from up close with only a few shots. This gun is best when used from the hip since it will eliminate the ADS time when you are going for quick kills. So attachments that lower your hip-fire spread like the laser sight can really make this gun sing.


Tier B

Hauer 77


The Hauer 77 pump shotgun can deal absolutely devastating damage at point black range, making it a popular pick in the Zombies Outbreak mode. Unfortunately, it isn’t much good outside point-blank range, which limits its usefulness in Warzone Season 2, where getting within knifing distance of an enemy is pretty rare in the FFAR dominated meta. That said, the Hauer 77 is very good within its effective range, and you can outfit it to be a pretty viable weapon if you know how to use it.




The Streetsweeper was added to Warzzone in January, but it hasn’t left much of an impression thus far in Warzone Season 2. This full-auto shotgun has a fast fire rate and a large ammo pool, but it falls behind the Jack-12 and the Gallo SA12 in a number of important categories like time-to-kill and reload time. This gun is totally usable, but not ideal.


Origin 12


The Origin 12 deals the least amount of damage per shot in the shotgun class, but it overcomes that limitation with a decent fire rate and the ability to run it with a 25 round drum magazine. Throw a laser on there, and this gun is a pretty fun weapon to run around with. It isn’t quite Tier A, but in the right hands it can perform like a Tier A gun.


Tier C

Model 680


The Model 680 performs poorly when compared to many of the other shotguns in Warzone Season 2 due to its low damage model and high recoil. It is not a good weapon, but when you run this gun with Dragons Breath ammunition it can actually be a decent bit of fun. Just don’t expect to win any games with it.


VLK Rogue


The VLK Rogue semi-automatic shotgun has never managed to find its way to the top of the Warzone meta. This gun is extremely short-ranged, and while it is capable of one-shotting low armor enemies when outfitted with dragons breath, you will find yourself disappointed more often than not while using this shotgun. 


Tier D



The 725 in Warzone Season 2 is not a good gun. With only a two-round capacity, the 725 is a very high-risk weapon to play with. Even a single missed shot often means your doom. Sure, you could outfit this gun with slugs and use it at longer ranges, but at that point you should just be running an SMG or the FFAR. I don’t see much of a reason to pick up the 725 in Warzone Season 2.


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