Why the AUG is one of the best guns in Warzone Season 2

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The AUG went from zero to hero during Warzone Season 2. The weapon started as a nothing gun, with everyone gravitating toward its counter-part the M16 when they wanted to play with a burst tactical rifle. But a few patches and balance changes later, the AUG is now one of the most annoyingly dominant guns in  Warzone history.


Here is how the AUG meta came to be.

Why the Aug is one of the best rifles in Warzone Season 2

The AUG received very little attention in Warzone Season 1, mostly because it wasn't very good. Throughout all of Warzone Season 1 the AUG sported a very low bullet velocity, which made it difficult to use at the longer ranges it is intended for. Instead, most connoisseurs of longer-range rifles chose the M16 as their go-to burst rifle. 


At the start of Warzone Season 2, Raven Software pushed a big patch that buffed the bullet velocity of the AUG to much more competitive levels.  Ever since the buff, the AUG has become a quickly rising star, topping the meta for medium and long-range rifle duels. The weapon is preferable to the M16 because it fires faster, so even with the recent recoil increase on this gun, it is the best option in the tactical rifle category.


On top of its buffed bullet velocity, the AUG also sports one of the hardest-hitting damage models in the game. There is no range drop-off on this weapon, so it will deal 40 damage to the body and 76 damage to the head regardless of how far from your opponent you are. As a result, It is possible to two-burst a fully armored opponent with the AUG at any range. 


When you put together the AUG's fast fire rate, high rate of damage, and relatively easy to control recoil (after you add the right attachments), what comes out is one of the deadliest weapons ever introduced to Warzone. No wonder it is dominating the Season 2 meta. We can expect the AUG to dominate the Season 3 meta too, unless they push some serious changes to this gun.


Tips and Tricks for the AUG in Warzone

Aim for the torso to get headshots

With most rifles, you will want to aim for the head to get headshots, which makes a lot of intuitive sense. But with a burst weapon like the AUG, the best way to get headshots while dealing maximum damage is to aim at the torso since your gun will naturally recoil upwards taking your crosshair to the enemy's head. This trick also works with the M16 burst rifle.


Don't use a suppressor

Usually, I am a proponent of suppressing weapons in Warzone, since staying off other players' radar can give you a distinct advantage in fights. However, the AUG should feature attachments that won't take away from this gun's bullet velocity. A huge reason this gun rocks is because it can pick up long-range kills with its wild damage model and high fire rate, so lowering the bullet velocity with a suppressor takes away from what makes this gun great.


Use your attachments to maximize fire rate and control

The best attachments for this gun are the ones that increase its fire rate and reduce its recoil. Especially after the recent nerf to the AUG's handling, you are going to want a Front Grip or something similar to reduce your recoil. Add the extended 45 Rnd Drum magazine and the Titanium barrel to increase its fire rate, and this gun becomes an unstoppable machine of death.

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