Ludwig surpasses 200,000 active Twitch subscribers during historic Subathon

Source: Ludwig

After more than 22 days of straight streaming during his historic Subathon, Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren broke 200,000 active subscribers on Tuesday. He has more than doubled his sub count in the past two weeks, as his viewers continue to subscribe to extend the historically long stream. He holds the highest active subscriber count in the world at 202,015 active subscribers, a number that continues to climb.




While Ludwig is now comfortably over 200,000 subscribers, he only boasts the #2 spot on the all-time subscriber list. He is still over 65,000 subscribers away from challenging Tyler "Ninja" Blevins all-time peak subscriber count of 269,154, which Ninja achieved in April of 2018.


Ludwig began the Subathon on March 14th, with 30 minutes on the stream clock. Every subscription adds time, with Tier 1 subs adding 10 seconds to the timer, Tier 2 subs adding 20 seconds to the timer, and Tier 3 subs adding 30 seconds to the timer. Every 500 bits donated also added 10 seconds to the stream. The stream quickly spiraled out of control from there, with hundreds of thousands of new subscribers throwing their name into the ring to keep Ludwig streaming.


While the stream timer has consistently fallen below five minutes for the past several days, every time it looks like time will finally expire, more new subscribers make their way out of the woodwork to extend Ludwig's Subathon yet again. Throughout his contiguous three-week stream, Ludwig has eaten, slept, and entertained his audience non-stop with on-stream games, television, and social activities with other streamers.



At the latest, the stream will end in nine days. Ludwig put a 31-day limit on the stream, so even if his subscribers carry him through to next week, there is a hard deadline for when the Subathon will end. It will be interesting to see if Ludwig can hit that 31-day limit, or if his viewers will release him from his streaming prison earlier than that.

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