Ludwig becomes most subbed Twitch streamer after week long subathon

Source: Ludwig

American Twitch Streamer Ludwig Ahgren broke 100,000 Twitch subscribers on Monday, making him the most subbed Twitch streamer in the world.


The accomplishment came after streaming 152 hours straight as part of a subathon in which every new subscriber increases the timer on his stream. The marathon stream is still ongoing as of writing this article with over 54 hours remaining on the clock and climbing.



With over 100,000 subscribers, Ludwig has now surpassed fellow Twitch streamer Félix  "xQc" Lengyel by over 40,000 subscribers. In addition to having the most subscribers currently, Ludwig now also has the third most active subscribers of all time according to Twitch Tracker, surpassing both Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and Jaryd "Summit1G" Lazar.




Ludwig's historic subathon began on March 14th, 2021. The rules of his marathon stream were simple. The stream began with a 30-minute timer, every time someone subscribed, the timer was extended.


The initial time rules were:


  • Tier 1 subscriptions added 20 seconds to the clock
  • Tier 2 subscriptions added 40 seconds to the clock
  • Tier 3 subscriptions added 100 seconds to the clock
  • 500-bit donations added 20 seconds to the clock


Partway through the subathon, Ludwig adjusted these rules slightly, cutting all of the times in half for each category. So Tier 1 subs added 10 seconds, Tier 2 subs added 20 seconds, and Tier 3 subs added 50 seconds. The rule change hasn't slowed the subtrain down one bit. His stream still has 54 hours remaining as of publication with no signs of slowing.


While it is unclear when the subathon will end, Ludwig put a 31-day cap on the stream just in case people don't stop subbing before then. He will need to add over 200,000 additional tier 1 subscribers to hit that 31-day mark, but at this point that is looking more and more viable.

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