[LCK Spring finals media day] DWG kkOma on LEC influence: "BeryL has a very wide champion pool, so we have a lot of options to work with."

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Gen.G is a team that not many predicted to make it to the finals this split, as many predicted that they’d fall to T1 in the semi finals. However, despite many predictions, they swept T1 3-0, and they looked damn good doing so; from winning drafts to execution of their various team comps, they’ve shown a lot of improvement since the regular split. They now face the team that’s considered the best in the world: DWG KIA. This team has won every single finals since the 2020 Summer, and now looks to add another trophy in their dominant run.


The battle between David and Goliath is just four days away. Journalists from various media outlets were invited to the 2021 LCK Spring finals online media day, and had a chance to ask questions to the head coaches of DWG KIA and Gen.G, as well as one player from each team, Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk.

What does this split’s finals mean for both teams?


kkOma: This is my first LCK finals with DWG KIA. I’m very satisfied with my players’ performance so far, and I really want to win with them.


oDin: It’s an honor to be playing in the finals of LCK in its first year of franchising. Lifting that trophy is the only thing on our mind at the moment. 


Which lane do you believe the key matchup will be, and how do you rate each other in that matchup?


oDin: I don’t think DWG KIA has any weaknesses. Our biggest concern is their mid-jungle, ShowMaker-Canyon. However, I believe that Bdd-Clid will do very well, so I’m not worried.


kkOma: Everyone on Gen.G has the potential to carry. I think the bot lane will be the key matchup.


(To Ruler) What are the strengths and weaknesses of DWG KIA’s bot lane?


Ruler: They’re a very stable bot lane. I can’t think of any weaknesses they have.


DWG KIA recently drafted some unorthodox bot lane champions. How are Gen.G strategizing against those unorthodox picks?


Ruler: There aren’t any specific strategies that we thought of at the moment. I think we’ll slowly figure things out through practice.


(To ShowMaker) What are the strengths that the DWG KIA’s mid-jungle possess, and how do you rate Gen.G’s mid-jungle?


ShowMaker: We played together for a very long time, so even without saying much to each other, we know what we have to do. I think that if Gen.G’s mid-jungle get ahead, the game will get very hard.


Score predictions for the finals?


kkOma: I think we’ll win 3-2. Gen.G’s just that good of a team.


oDin: The first set in a Bo5 is critical, so we’ll either win 3-0, or lose 2-3. 


Both DWG KIA and Gen.G have an even match record against each other [DWG KIA won round 1, Gen.G won round 2, with the set score both being 2-1 - Ed.] What are the things that you learned from your respective losses?


oDin: We focused heavily on our macro, and for the finals, we also need to work on our draft.


kkOma: I believe we lost to Gen.G because of our draft, so we’re working on similar things.


Thoughts on the changes to the LCK playoffs format?


kkOma: I was a little disappointed that first place in the regular split didn’t mean a direct seeding to the finals, but from the fans’ perspective, it gives them more games to watch, so my overall impression of the changes is positive.


oDin: We placed 2nd in the regular split, so while we weren’t going to head straight into the finals, I agree with kkOma. 

Image via LoL Esports

Winning the finals means a ticket to MSI. Can you please share your excitement in potentially travelling to Iceland?


ShowMaker: Iceland is a country that feels very foreign, so I hope that I can capitalize on the opportunity to travel there. I’ve heard that volcanoes are erupting there right now, so even if I die from it, I feel it’ll be an honorable death [laugher].


Ruler: Despite the long airplane ride, it’s definitely a country worth visiting. I really want to win the finals.


[To kkOma] Up until now, your championship victories have been with T1. What does winning a championship with DWG KIA mean to you?


kkOma: It’ll be a great honor to win with our current players. I don’t think much of that spotlight will fall onto myself, as they deserve all the spotlight.


[To oDin] Despite the team looking shaky during the season, the team looked very good during the playoffs. What are some of the things that the team worked on?


oDin: We worked on fixing things within the frame of the fundamentals. We learned a lot from our losses, and the changes that the team went through are looking positive.


[To ShowMaker] How’s your wrist injury? Are there any mid laners that felt even harder to play against with your injury?


ShowMaker: Through treatments and meds, my wrist is a lot better. If I had to choose a player, it’d definitely have to be Chovy.


[To Ruler] How has the team grown since last year Spring?


Ruler: The overall level of trust has grown significantly since then, and our overall level of game knowledge has grown quite a bit as well.


[To kkOma] Bdd has put on an incredible performance against T1 in the playoffs. How do you rate his current form?


kkOma: It’s a 5 vs 5 game, so it’s hard to evaluate someone just by looking at that one person. I believe Bdd is a great player and played phenomenally, but I think ShowMaker’s better. I’m not too worried about him.


[To oDin] Against DWG KIA, does Gen.G have the mindset of a challenger? If so, does that affect the preparation process in any way?


oDin: I believe that they’re the best team in the world. However, our goal this year is to be the best ourselves, so the whole team is very motivated.


The Senna-Cho’gath bot lane seemed like the LEC influencing DWG KIA’s draft. Are there any other interesting picks that you have your eyes on from the LEC?


kkOma: We’re keeping a close eye on the LEC. Whenever something new is picked in the LEC, we cross-reference to check whether or not our players are able to play those champions. BeryL has a very wide champion pool, so we have a lot of options to work with.


[To ShowMaker/Ruler] What are some of the impressions that you got from watching each others’ playoff games?


ShowMaker: It almost felt like Bdd solo carried the series. We’ll need to be very careful and prepare well.


Ruler: DWG KIA looked very dominant, so we have a lot to do until the finals.

Image via @LCK_Global

If the two head coaches from each team are to speak on behalf of Khan and Rascal, what kind of trash talk would they bring to the table?


oDin: Due to Rascal and Khan being great friends, I think Rascal would’ve probably said that he’ll kill Khan.


kkOma: I know that those two players have a great deal of respect for one another. I believe that Khan would be the one doing the killing, not be on the receiving end of it.


Which team are you most excited to play the most at MSI?


oDin: I’m most excited to play against LEC. LEC contributed to my personal growth the most, and I also want my revenge against the LEC for 2020 Worlds.


kkOma: I’m also most excited to play against the LEC teams. I do want to play against the LPL as well, but the number 1 on the list is the LEC.


ShowMaker: While I think it’ll be fun to play Nuguri and FPX, I’m not quite sure just yet.


Ruler: I like playing against teams with great bot lanes, so I want to play against Cloud9 [LCS] and RNG [LPL]


How do you rate the junglers’ current form?


kkOma: Clid’s scarily good at the moment. He never tries to lose trades, and is a very aggressive player.


oDin: He’s the best jungler in the world. From his jungle pathing to his use of laners, he’s close to being perfect.

Image screenshotted via LCK Broadcast

[To ShowMaker] Thoughts on the 2020 Worlds skins that have recently been announced?


ShowMaker: I’m very satisfied with them. The colors on the skins represent our team colors as well, and during the production process of the skins, we asked that the skins be based on Greek and Roman mythologies. The skins team did a great job in doing so, and everyone said that they look very good.


Lastly, please share your resolutions for the finals with the fans.

Screenshot taken from the online LCK Spring finals media day

kkOma: We’ll make sure to win the finals and make our fans smile.

Screenshot taken from the online LCK Spring finals media day

oDin: Fans are really hoping that we lift that trophy, so we’ll make sure to give that gift to the fans.

Screenshot taken from the online LCK Spring finals media day

ShowMaker: We’ve won every single finals since last Summer, so we’ll make sure to add this split’s finals to that list as well.

Screenshot taken from the online LCK Spring finals media day

Ruler: We’ll make sure to live up to the fans’ expectations. Please send us your support.

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