GEN Bdd: "We make many fundamental mistakes and don’t see the big picture well."

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On Feb. 5, Gen.G demolished Nongshim RedForce in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. Gen.G showed why they were considered one of the favorites in this league. They had no trouble in getting ahead of their counterparts. In the game, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong played Syndra and Orianna to contribute to the team’s victory.



How do you feel about today’s win?


I took a game off and came back. It’s a relief that it went well.

Both games were really dominating. Did you predict it to be like that?


I thought Nongshim RedForce’s main positions were bot and jungle. We thought our bot lane was stronger and if we would have been able to get the priority in the jungle, we would get the win. The game went as anticipated.

You were ahead of your opponent, Bay, the whole time. Are you satisfied with your performance today?


The early laning was a bit regretful and there was a meaningless death in game 2. Except for those parts, I think I played alright.

You still had a solo kill in game 1.


In a mid mage matchup, there’s a lot of mechanical clashes before the first recall. Since I didn’t play our last match, I think I wasn’t able to concentrate fully. I could have done better so that’s regretful.

Rascal played Pantheon for the first time in his career. Was it prepared to play against Gnar?


We thought top Pantheon was quite alright against champions like Gnar. Rascal practiced him a lot, and since it looked alright, we brought it out right away.

Karis started in your place in Gen.G’s last match against DRX. What did you think while watching the game?


I've been thinking the problem our team has is that we make many fundamental mistakes and don’t see the big picture well. The same problem occurred in the game against DRX. We needed to improve but weren’t able to so we had a lot of worries. Frankly, I still think our performance isn’t that good. We all need to work harder from now on.

Karis’ debut ended in a 1-2 loss. Any advice to give him?


The first match was regretful, but you’re still young and you have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t mind the results and keep doing your best.

You lost to all the top teams: Hanwha Life Esports, DWG KIA, and DRX in the first round. Isn’t that regretful?


They all were games that we could have won — it was so close. I believe we lost because the problems I mentioned earlier all came out in our past games. We’ll do our best to fix our problems so that we could win when we meet them again.

What do you think is needed to improve Gen.G’s performance?


It’s more convenient for junglers and supports to see the big picture. I think individual effort is needed in that regard.

There aren’t any games until after the Lunar New Year break. How will you prepare for the rest of the season?


There’s a lot to improve in our macro. We need to think a lot as a team and individually as well.

Any last comments?


We have a lot of time to prepare until our last match. We’ll fix our problems well and show good performances next time. Have a good Lunar New Year’s break everyone.

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