Details of the 2021 LCK Spring announced, Wolf and Chronicler newly joins the LCK global caster line-up


On Jan. 6th, Riot Korea announced the match schedule of the 2021 LCK Spring split, which commences on Jan. 13th, alongside other details of the split.


Day 1 of the 2021 LCK Spring split will kick off with Gen.G and kt Rolster facing off in the very first match of the match, with Hanwha Life Esports and T1 facing off in the following match. The second match on Feb. 19th will mark the start of round 2, and the match between Liiv SANDBOX and DRX on Mar. 28th will conclude the 2021 LCK Spring regular split. Mar. 31st will mark the beginning of the 6-team playoffs tournament, all competing for the title of becoming the 2021 LCK Spring champions.



With two matches taking place each day, round 1 will take place five days a week (Wed-Sun, KST), and round 2 will take place four days a week (Thurs-Sun, KST). Each match will take place at 5 p.m and 8 p.m. The regular split matches will all be in a best-of-three format, and each team will play one another twice (once in each round). The first week of 2021 LCK Spring will be on patch 11.1. The KR caster line-up will consist of Jeon ‘Caster Jun’ Yong-jun, Sung Seung-heon, Kim Dong-joon, Lee ‘CloudTemplar’ Hyun-woo, Kang ‘Kangqui’ Seung-hyun, and Jeong ‘NoFe’ No-chul. The global caster line-up will consist of Max ‘Atlus’ Anderson, and Brendan ‘Valdes’ Valdes, with Wolf ‘Wolf’ Schröder and Maurits ‘Chronicler’ Meeusen, newly joining the line-up. Wolf Schröder is a caster that’s been around various esports titles in Korea since 2011, and has an incredibly deep understanding of Korean LoL esports. Chronicler, is a caster from the Netherlands who built his casting career from Europe, most notably casting in the 2020 EU Masters.


The LCK Awards will be met with some changes as well. The ‘Young Player’ award and the ‘Rookie of the Year’ ward will see changes to the names and the recipient requirements as well. While all players under the age of 19 that have played at least 18 sets in the regular split were all eligible recipients in the past, the new prerequisites will include all players that have been listed on an LCK roster for two years and will have had to play 18 sets in the regular split. In order to provide more meaning, these awards will only be awarded once a year,  All players that are eligible this year will not be able to be listed in the following year, and all players that were listed in other foreign leagues will be exempt for eligibility.


The ‘Best Coach’ award will also be awarded once a year. This change comes from the LCK Awards selection committee concluding outliers such as player appointment and draft makes it very hard to determine how good a coach is from just one split.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 LCK Spring split will take place online for the time being. Please check the visuals below for the full 2021 LCK teams' line-up.



*All images via Riot Korea

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