[Worlds 2020] Knockout stage Pick'ems predictions: Who will win Worlds 2020?

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The Worlds group stage has been completed, the bracket has been drawn, and the teams are busy prepping for their first opponents in their respective knockout stage run. Many are familiar with their matchups, too, as all three LPL teams landed in the upper bracket, and all three LCK representatives were placed in the lower bracket. Only Fnatic and G2 Esports find themselves on opposite ends. 


In the first series, Worlds favorites DAMWON Gaming will face off against the LCK second seed, DRX, to recreate the LCK Summer Finals, where DWG 3-0ed DRX. In the second series, LPL second and third seeds, JD Gaming and Suning, face off. Unlike the first series, however, these LPL teams have not faced each other since Week 2 of the regular season, where JDG took down Suning 2-0. The third series pairs another Worlds favorite, Top Esports, against the LEC second seed, Fnatic, to finish off the upper bracket. And the final series places LCK third seed, Gen.G, against LEC first seed, G2, to complete the Quarterfinals. 


While some of the series are fairly simple to predict — specifically each of the matches including Worlds favorites, DWG and TES, up until the Finals — the rest are a bit tougher. The Inven Global team has each chosen their Pick'Ems of who they predict will win each match, and we have aggregated each to create an average placement prediction. Each writer has the Finals as TES vs DWG, but their route to that title match, and the title winner, look a bit different throughout. 


We calculate average placement for the teams based on what round they reach, divided by 6 (total number of votes). Quarterfinals = 8; semifinals = 4; grand finals loss = 2; grand finals win = 1.


Worlds 2020 knockout: Average placement prediction


1.3 — DAMWON Gaming
1.7 — Top Esports
4.7 — JD Gaming
5.3 — G2 Esports
6.7 — Gen.G
7.3 — Suning
8 — Fnatic
8 — DRX


Daniel "Quest" Kwon@LoLQuestKR


David "Viion" Jang@David_Viion


Lara Lunardi@LaraLunardi


Nick Geracie@NickGeracie


Parkes Ousley@parquesomedia


Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev@GGNydra



How close do your Pick'Ems align? Which reporter do you think is correct? And most importantly, who do you have winning the Finals? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Twitter @InvenGlobal.




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