Soraka joins the pool of Legends of Runeterra champion cards

▲ Soraka and her healing powers are heading to Legends of Runeterra. Images via Riot Games


On Friday morning, Riot Games unveiled the next champion arriving in their collectible card game, Legends of Runeterra, in the upcoming Monuments of Power expansion slated to go live on October 14. After announcing Tahm Kench earlier in the week, the development team thought it would be appropriate to add a little bit of magic to the set.



Soraka, the Starchild was selected to join the pool of playable champion cards and with her powerful healing abilities, players will need to remove her from the board immediately before she is able to level up and become a card generating monster. Two synergistic cards revealed alongside her, Astral Protection and Stargazer, enable units Soraka plans on healing to stick around a little longer to gain as much value from her ability and level up as quickly as possible.


Creating a board of sticky, difficult to kill units that opponents need to one-shot or they'll keep regenerating will create a unique deck-building experience for players who plan on giving the Starchild a try. As for which champion she'll be paired with in decks, one that comes to mind is Vladimir. With units that want to damage themselves and become damaged while Vlad is on board, Soraka can heal ones that are a little too weak to stick around long-term. Other champion pairs are possible depending on the type of playstyle that players find works well with Soraka's support ability.

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