Legends of Runeterra reveals Tahm Kench as an upcoming champion card

▲ Old Yawn-Belly is making his way into the Runeterra universe. Images via Riot Games


On Tuesday morning, Riot Games revealed one of the three new champion cards coming to Legends of Runeterra in the upcoming expansion Monuments of Power being released on October 14. The River King, Tahm Kench, has left the Serpentine River and appeared inside the collectible card game's collection to devour foes and allies near and far.


In an announcement video on the game's official Twitter account, the development team provided a short teaser of what he will be capable of when the expansion drops next week.



With the ability to Devour enemy and ally cards, capturing them, Tahm Kench's ease of access to quick removal, buffs, and board manipulation will create a playing experience that no other card in the game's history can provide. Once he levels up, a massive swing turn can take place by destroying the opposing swallowed cards and regurgitating his ally ones.

▲ It's time for Kench to leave the bench.

It's unknown whether an existing deck Tahm Kench will be able to slide the cajun catfish right into an empty slot or if an entire archetype will be created around his swallowing abilities. But one thing you can guarantee is that theorycrafters and deck builders are already hard at work.


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