[Worlds 2020] DRX cvMax: "As long as we’re the LCK representatives, there's no such thing as the group of death."

From the left: CloudTemplar, Caster Jeon, Kim Dong-jun, and Kangqui (Source: Official LCK broadcast)


On the 15th, the groups draw for the 2020 LoL World Championships took place. After the groups draw, the head coaches for each LCK representative, Gen.G, DRX, and DAMWON Gaming, joined the LCK broadcast for a short interview with the LCK casters, Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo, Kim Dong-jun, Jeon “Caster Jeon” Yong-jun, and Kang “Kangqui” Seung-hyeon. The following are the interviews with each head coach of the LCK representatives.



LCK #3 seed: Gen.G oDin"It's a shame that we can't get our MSC revenge against TES just yet."


Source: Official LCK broadcast


How are the players’ condition right now?


They came back from their vacation today, so they’re feeling very good right now. However, we didn’t start our practice yet, so we’re looking to get back on track very soon.

How do you feel about being seeded into Group C? Are you smiling right now because you’re seeded with TSM and Fnatic? (Laughter)


(Laughter) No, no. As long as we play well, we believe that we can do well against any team. We’re not too wary about who we face. Our players actually wanted to play against TES. It's a shame that we can't get our MSC revenge against TES just yet.


I think that Gen.G’s bot lane, Ruler-Life, will be something that Gen.G’s opponents will focus on. 


We’re not too worried about that, because we’re a team that’s known to snowball from advantages in the laning phase. Ruler and Life are just eager to play against foreign teams’ bot lanes. 

The ADCs that Gen.G will be facing, Doublelift and Rekkles, are known to be fundamentally strong. 


Ruler’s fundamentals are very strong as well. He’s a former World champion, you know. 

Worlds will be in the 10.19 patch. Do you think playing in a new patch will prove to be an obstacle?


No, I think that we’ll be able to adjust to the patch just fine. We read the patch notes, and I think we’ll be okay.

Lastly, can you share Gen.G’s resolution with the fans?


We fought hard through the Regional Qualifiers to get here, so we’ll make sure to prepare well in order for our hard work to pay off properly. Thank you.




LCK #2 Seed: DRX cvMax"As long as we’re the LCK representatives, I don’t think there are any groups of death. Every team is beatable."



▲ Source: Official LCK broadcast


How are the players feeling? Didn’t some players go on a hike?


They’re all feeling very good.

Did Doran’s physical endurance improve with the hike? 


I personally don’t think it improved his physical endurance, but the hike definitely helped his mentality.

Group D is looking to be the ‘Group of Death’ for this year’s Worlds. How do you feel about your group stage opponents?


As long as we’re the LCK representatives, I don’t think there are any groups of death. Every team is beatable.

You finally managed to achieve your dream of going to Worlds with Chovy.


I’m nervous and thrilled at the same time. It’s my first time attending such an international event, so I think it’ll be fun.

Many consider TOP Esports to be the strongest team in the tournament. Can you tell us about what you think about TES?


TES’ mid laner, Knight, is very strong, so I think there are many similar qualities with them and us. I’m excited to face them.

Chovy vs. Knight is a matchup that a lot of people are excited for.


I’m confident that Chovy will play well.

Worlds is a stage that you’ve been dreaming of. Can you share some words of resolution with the fans?


This time, I’ll make sure to perform on a level that satisfies the fans. Thank you.

LCK #1 Seed: DWG Zefa"While our group looks the toughest, I think that it'll just be the other three teams who will have a hard time in our group."



Source: Official LCK broadcast


Is that where you’re quarantining in China?


Yes, this is the hotel room that Riot allocated to me.

Can you tell us what the situation is like over in China? How are the players doing?


They’re all in separate rooms, unable to come out of their rooms for two weeks. Meals are left in front of our doors, and all contact with outside personnel is currently prohibited. 

Many fans are worried about Nuguri, due to him being treated for his collapsed lung. While the official announcement stated that he’ll be flying to China on the 18th with a manager, can you tell us how he’s doing right now?


After his surgery, Nuguri was discharged after 3 days. After he got discharged, he started to play solo queue right away. The last time I checked on him, he looked well, and his parents confirmed to me over the phone that he’s doing well.

Looking at Group B, it looks like a very tough group. How do you feel about this group?


Our group looks to be the toughest. While our group looks the toughest, I think that it’ll just be the other three teams who will have a hard time in our group.

With so many people having their eyes on DWG, how do you foresee the team doing in groups?


I think that our group is one of the worst case scenarios that became a reality. If Team Liquid joins our group, then we’ll really be the group of death. However, we somewhat expected such a result to potentially come through, and I believe that as long as we prepare well and execute well, then there will absolutely be no problems.

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