[LCK Today] DRX secures a ticket to Worlds; to face DWG at finals


The semifinals of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split on the 30th (KST) was between DRX and Gen.G. It was an important match for both teams as the winner would secure a spot at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. The two teams fought to the end in five games where DRX came up on top. 


DRX had a great performance in game 1. Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon’s Lillia had a good start picking up kills in the bot and top lanes and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon’s Lucian scaled well in the early game. During the mid-game, DRX had a massive teamfight win in mid lane. Through their lead, DRX continued to knock in blows. Gen.G seemed to be coming back into the game when Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s Senna picked up a pentakill, but the difference was too much for Gen.G. DRX destroyed the Nexus in 34 minutes.



In the following two games, Gen.G dominated DRX to turn the game around. Although Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon’s Irelia picked up a solo kill in game 2, Gen.G won in every other part of the map and snowballed to the end. It was similar in game 3, where DRX were trailing all game as well. Kim “Clid” Tae-min’s Hekarim in game 3 was especially amazing, as Both games ended in 25 minutes.


After the third game, there was an issue with the content delivery network (CDN), causing a long pause in the series. The match was finally resumed on the live server. It was Chovy to the rescue in game 4. Picking Ekko, Chovy pressured Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s Azir from level 1. Chovy’s lane priority affected the jungle right away and the game went completely in DRX’s favor. Through the win, DRX took the match to the last game.



The winner of the final game was DRX. The game was close until the end as it was the most important game both teams could not lose. The two teams gave and took fights, sharing leads. At the fifth dragon fight, Gen.G stole the Ocean dragon, securing the soul for themselves and winning the fight. However, in Gen.G’s following Baron attempt, DRX collapsed on Gen.G, killing off all five members. As the game was quite late, it was over. DRX pushed through top lane and destroyed the Nexus before Gen.G could stop them. Through this win, DRX will be facing DAMWON Gaming at the finals as well as securing a spot at Worlds 2020.



2020 LCK Summer Semifinals Results


DRX 3 : 2 Gen.G


2020 LCK Summer Finals Schedule


Finals: DAMWON Gaming vs DRX (Sep. 5th KST, Bo5)

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