GEN Clid: "It seems that the K/DA champions are getting better since Worlds is coming."

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On the 28th (KST), Gen.G swept Afreeca Freecs in the first round of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split playoffs. It was a one-sided win where Gen.G completely demolished their opponents. In the match, Kim “Clid” Tae-min, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, and Kim “Life” Jeong-min were voted as Players of the Games and were interviewed by the casters’ desk after the match.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Clid: It’s the first round and I feel good that we had a clean 3-0 victory. I’ll do my best so that we play well in the next match too.


Ruler: It’s the same for me. I’m satisfied that we won in the playoffs today and that I got the POG to have an interview here.


Life: I feel good that we won three games very cleanly.

Gen.G’s recent results in the playoffs were quite regretful, but you did amazing today. How was it when you saw Afreeca Freecs beat T1 to face you?


Clid: I thought Afreeca Freecs is also a strong team so it wouldn’t be weird which team comes up. We prepared thinking we would win whichever team makes this round.

There were a LOT of Lv.1 fights. Were you prepared?


Clid: It varies by meta, but in the current meta, there were a lot of champions that are influential at Lv.1. I think that’s why we fought often.

Gen.G played Kai’Sa, Akali, and Evelynn as well. Is it intended with K/DA’s return?


Clid: It seems that the K/DA champions are getting better since Worlds is coming.

What about Ahri?


Clid: [Deep sigh]

(To Ruler) Your performance was amazing today. How was your condition?


Ruler: My condition was great. I’m satisfied that today’s game was really fun.

What was the most fun? You kiting against Renekton was amazing.


Ruler: That was fun too, but I liked my solo kill against Xayah the most.

Your stats are amazing. Many fans are saying that you’re even better than your previous prime.


Ruler: It’s changed a lot from the spring season so I’m satisfied. When I hear people say that, I get to think that I did well this season.

The Ruler-Life bot duo is also getting great evaluations. Who is the main body?


Life: I think the main body is the jungle [Laughs].


Ruler: Move. If it’s just the bot duo I think…


Life: The main body is Ruler! [Laughs]

Isn’t Life doing well recently?


Ruler: Since he’s been improving so much, I think the main body of the bot duo will change to Life soon.

(To Life) You said that the tiers for support were rather fixed so that there aren’t any unique champions, but you played a few unique champions today.


Life: The champions I play are mostly OP champions that don’t have a counter, so it could seem like that.

Gragas support needs a good pilot to have no counters. Are you confident in your Gragas?


Life: Since nobody plays Gragas support, I think I’m the best.


Clid: [Nods]

You’ll be playing DRX in the next round. How are you planning to play against them?


Life: We lost to DRX often so we need to study them a lot in preparation to make sure that we win.


Clid: We have a good flow and made some momentum. We’ll continue this flow in the next match so that we can head to the finals with good performances.


Ruler: Ther were many matches that we lost regretfully. I’d like to resolve that in the next round and repay the fans (for their support) through good performances.

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