Riot Korea unveils the 'behind the scenes' video of K/DA's newest single, 'The Baddest' (ft. (G)-IDLE)

Akali, a champion that Soyeon of (G)-IDLE represents (Source: Riot Games)


Following the incredible success from the music project, “K/DA”, and their hit song, “POP/STARS” in 2018, they recently released their newest single, “The Baddest” on the 28th (KST). Two of the members that participated in K/DA’s first single, Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)-IDLE, took part in the single once again, while Bea Miller and Wolftyla were the two new artists that took part in the single.


With the newest single garnered 3.5 Million views in just 8 hours, Riot Games Korea released a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video of (G)-IDLE’s recording session of the new single. In it, Miyeon shared that they’re thrilled to be a part of the K/DA music project, and that it’s a single that’s brimming with stronger energy and confidence. Soyeon shared that since it’s her third time recording as Akali, she feels she’s become much closer to the character than the first time around.


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