Fan-made Heroes of the Storm 3.0 trailer perfectly captures games unique appeal

Today, animator and serious Blizzard fan Maditdrakes released an unofficial trailer for "Heroes of the Storm 3.0". The trailer pairs the unlikely duo of Li Li, the friendly and supportive Pandaren healer from World of Warcraft with Tychus, the all-business bringer of destruction from Starcraft.

The trailer is set to Eternal Horizons, an Animal Crossing / Doom track by The Chalkeaters that went super viral in 2020. The song tells the story of an unlikely friendship made unbreakable by a mutual love of destruction and ultra-violence.  The song's lyrics fit neatly behind the backdrop Li Li and Tychus slaying Diablo demons with massive Terran weaponry and offer a glimpse of how different Heroes could have been marketed.


After all, the game's primary appeal is its cast of playable heroes from Blizzard's iconic IP.  When orcs, demons, and Tracer (Hiya!)  are all fighting in the same endless arena of MOBA death, a lighthearted approach to lore is the only way to have any of it make any sense.


Considering the positive reaction to this fan-trailer (Even Tychus's VA loved it), Blizzard would be wise to take notes. Heroes of the Storm could use a fresh can of paint to attract new players and bring back old ones -- perhaps ultra-violent Li Li is the answer?


Now that a Heroes developer on Reddit all but confirmed the inevitability of a heavy metal Li Li skin, fans have something to pester developers about in time for the upcoming online BlizzCon 2021.



Heroes never die

For all of its previous blunders, Heroes of the Storm is entering 2021 with a bit of momentum. Popular video game critique Dunkey recently placed Heroes as the best MOBA of the year and even the games fractured esports scene has returned to rally behind CCL -- the Community Clash League by HeroesHearth that recently confirmed its the second season.


Do you still play Heroes of the Storm? Ever consider trying it? Let us know in the comments below!

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