Jinx lover, Sonwooang meets Inven: "It hurt to watch Jinx and Vi part with each other in Arcane."


Last November, the Netflix series, Arcane, was a big success. Riot Games announced that they were making its second season as well. The protagonist of the series is Jinx — one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. Among all the fans, there was one person that seemed to love the character more than others: Sonwooang, a talented artist that enjoys drawing League of Legends characters.


His unique drawing style paired with humorous concepts draws much attention from LoL fans around the world. He even marks his location as Runterra city, Zaun district, next door to Jinx’s house on Twitter. Like this, Sonwooang is a well-known Jinx mania. Recently, we were able to meet up with him in person, so we had a brief conversation.



Thank you for the interview! Please introduce yourself briefly.


Hello, I’m Sonwooang, a freelancer that’s working with Riot Korea who loves drawing things.


▲ As soon as we sat, we piled up presents in front of him.
▲ ...And he wore the Teemo hat right away!


We know that you stream a lot. What else do you do besides streaming?


I don’t do much in particular at the moment… Recently, I’ve been making emoticons on Kakaotalk and working on webtoon stories.


Where do your sources of inspiration for your drawings come from?


If you see my comics, most of the stories are based on things that happen in the Summoner’s Rift. Some of them are about what I went through while I was playing the game, and some are things I suffered. So mostly, I get inspiration from the games I play.


So the situations in your comics are based on your experience, right?


Yes, they are. [Laughs]


▲ Comics that are uploaded on League of Legends Korea official Instagram


You’ve been drawing a lot of League of Legends characters. What was the most memorable?


After I started drawing LoL characters, there was an event in NA where they introduced League of Legends along with some artists. Most artists were from other countries, and I was the only Korean artist that was introduced. I felt proud, and that was the most memorable moment.


Your favorite champion, Jinx, was the protagonist of Arcane. How was it for you?


Last summer, they said they were making a film based on LoL, and that the story was based on Jinx. I had very high expectations for it, and they didn’t let me down. It was a great show — the visual arts were fantastic and the story was solid. I had a lot of fun watching it. As a fan of Jinx, it hurt to watch Jinx and Vi part with each other in Arcane, but what can I do? [Laughs]


▲ With a pad and a pen, it took no time for him to draw...


What’s your next favorite champion after Jinx?


My next favorite is Ahri.


Is it alright if I ask you your tier?


Honestly, I’m unranked. [Laughs] There are millions of weird people in unranked, so it’s convenient for me to find inspiration. I could try to play ranked, but I don’t think I’ll play that much.


In TFT, I usually just hit gold and quit. If there’s a deck that includes Jinx, I always go with that deck. There’s Jinx in this season as well, so I’ll be trying to reach Platinum this time.


What kind of artist do you want to be remembered as?


My current drawing style is also me, but there are many fans that tell me that they read my comics when I had a different style. Like that, I want people to remember me with this style, for them to look back and say, Sonwooang’s drawings were fun. I want to be remembered as an artist that fans remember.

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