K/DA's newest single, The Baddest, is here!


In 2018, League of Legends launched a musical collaboration celebrating K-Pop, under the name of K/DA. The project was an astronomical success, deemed the most iconic skin set and the musical act of the franchise so far. 


Riot Games has successfully launched its newest music video to nearly 180,000 viewers live on YouTube premiere.


With the participation of (G)-IDLE artists Soyeon and Miyeon, Madison Beer, and Jaira Burns, the pop group took over the gaming scene after the League of Legends World Championship performance in 2018. Ever since the song “POP/STARS” and the skin sets has made numerous appearances throughout the Summoner’s rift.


In 2020, Riot Games decided to bring the idols back. This time, as revealed on the League of Legends’ Shazam account, the song will feature new artists. The second track by the K-Pop idol group K/DA, titled “The Baddest”, features (G)-IDLE, which member Soyeon and Miyeon participated in the release single, breakout-artist Wolftyla, and Bea Miller. 


K/DA's performance at Worlds 2018


As it all indicates, K/DA will make its return to the World Championship, having a performance either on the opening or closing ceremony. Just last year, we got to experience TRUE DAMAGE, a hip-hop music group that made waves during the finals between G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix.


Curious to listen to the song? It’s right below:





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