Gundam x Kosuke Kawamura Collection is the ideal blend of streetwear and anime

▲ The collection features designs from POGGY THE MAN, FORSOMEONE, READYMADE, and xVESSEL.

Anime has a special way of drawing intense fandom. Among these fandoms, it is hard to find a more loyal and devoted crowd than that of the Mobile Suit Gundam series.  Originally released in 1979, the series has defined decades of Japanese animation style and subject matter.

This week, the Gundam X Kosuke Kawamura clothing collection was released in Japan available for purchase online at

Kawamura is a renowned Japanese collage artist, graphic designer and art director. He is best known for his work creating massive anime murals and, most famously, the AKIRA Art Wall in Shibuya, Japan from 2107 to 2019. 

▲ One part of the mural created by Kosuke Kawamura

Now, In collaboration with READYMADE (T-shirts) xVESSEL (sneakers), POGGY THE MAN (jackets) and FORSOMEONE (T-shirts and hoodies), Kawamura's new Gundam artwork with the help of Mobile Suit Z Gundam designer Yuta Hosokawa brings a bright and vivid burst of fandom into otherwise subdued streetwear staples. The collection features homages to key figures in the Mobile Suit Gundam series, including RX-78-2 Gundam and MS-06s Char's Zaku II.


Now, as the intersection of geek culture and fashion becomes more mainstream, consumer demand for high-quality products that faithully showcase anime and video game themes are at an all-time high. Perhaps more importantly, nerds and geeks everywhere can revisit that "dress like an anime protagonist" so many of us experienced in high school.  This time, we will be prepared with clean fits any Gundam fan will respect.

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