Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain spoilers: Taric is here and he makes your stuff invincible

Artwork by: Riot Games


Another day, another batch of card spoilers for Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion, as we see the first new champion of the set: Taric.


Taric is 4-mana, 2/4 champion from the Targon region, and just like in League of Legends, he's here to support your units and keep them alive. On level 1, Taric gives himself and his supported ally Tough, while copying the last spell that was cast on just him to the supported ally. This means that powerful buff spells like Fury of the North or the new Blessing of Targon, will be extremely valuable.



When he levels up after seeing an ally being targeted or supported seven times or more, Taric's ability becomes even stronger, as he turns himself and his supported ally invincible for this round. 

The Taric reveal also shows a new type of card/mechanic, called Gems. Gems are a 1-mana Burst spell that heals an ally for 1 and grants it a permanent +1/+0. Unlike other Burst spells, however, they cannot be cast in battle or in response to another spell, so you basically have to lead in with them. New Targon units like Gift Giver, Mountain Goat, Mentor of the Stones, and Shards of the Mountain (revealed together with Taric today) work with this Gem mechanic.




With Taric shown, only six more new champions are to be revealed.

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