League of Legends Patch 10.16 preview is here, aimed to diversify pro play

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Riot Games dev, Mark Yetter, has just released the next patch preview for League of Legends, aimed to bring some diversity to the professional meta before Playoffs and Worlds in the coming weeks. There are decent nerfs to many of the staple pro picks, as well as buffs to a few champions who have been absent in the meta that could use some love. 


On the nerf list, you'll find big name staples of the pro scene, like Volibear, Syndra, Sett, and Ashe, as well as a few solo queue terrors, like Kha'Zix and Karthus. Perhaps the most impactful, however, is the nerf to Nimbus Cloak, which was an almost "must pick" rune for most champs do to all the added potential it provided to its users. 


On the flip side, a bunch of absent champs received some love. Skarner got another buff (was the last change a buff??), some AD Carries (and Ziggs) got a boost, and Rakan just shot up to perma Pick/Ban with an additional 25% MS increase  on his ult. While many of thtese champions haven't been in pro play for a long time, it's not entirely likely that these taps throw them all into pro-level caliber, especially because the meta is very specific. But the viability of a few, especially considering all the bot lane changes, may shake things up a bit by the time the patch goes live. 



As a note, of course, these notes are all subject to change before they get rolled out. If the PBE is too heavily affected, or if they otherwise get feedback (specifically from pros and analysts) that these tweaks might change the game too much, they can always delay or delete their current intentions. But given what's listed, what changes are you excited about? Which do you hope get removed before the patch goes live? 




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