[LCK Today] T1 takes the 2-0 victory against Gen.G in the rematch of the LCK Spring finals


On the 3rd (KST), day 13 of the 2020 LCK Summer split took place at LoL Park, Seoul. The rematch of the Spring split finals between T1 and Gen.G ended in a 2-0 victory for T1, while kt Rolster also took down SeolHaeOne Prince in a dominating fashion to take their second victory of the split.


The highlighted match of the week was definitely T1 vs Gen.G. Throughout most of game 1, Gen.G looked like they had the match in the bag, but it all came down to the one teamfight for elder dragon soul. Up until then, not only did Gen.G take ocean dragon soul, they had a significant gold lead as well.


However, perhaps because of the pressure of the match up, or because of T1’s relentless defense, Gen.G wasn’t able to close out the game. Unfortunately for Gen.G, Kellin’s game turning mistake in the final teamfight, overlapped with Canna’s highlight reel-worthy play, turned the tides over for T1, so Gen.G lost the grip of the game that they almost won.


In game 2, Faker’s Twisted Fate made an appearance after a long slumber, who played a key part in T1’s victory. He scored kill points on the board by proactively moving around the map with his ultimate ability, Destiny. With it, T1 were able to snowball the game into victory and close out the match 2-0 against Gen.G.



Meanwhile, in game 1, KT took the series over SP in a dominating fashion. Especially in game 2, KT was able to get a 5K gold lead at 12 minutes. It was a performance that washed away the crushing defeat from their series against DAMWON Gaming.

The key player of this series was the jungler for KT, bonO. Not only was he able to flex his prowess on Nidalee and Lee sin in game 1 and 2 respectively, the laners on his team were dominant in their own rights as well. With the series going over to KT, bonO was also named POG for both game 1 and 2 as well.



2020 LCK Summer Split July 3rd Results


kt Rolster 2 : 0 SeolHaeOne Prince

Gen.G 0 : 2 T1



2020 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st DRX 5-0 (+7)

2nd DAMWON Gaming 4-1 (+7)

3rd T1 4-2 (+3)

3rd Gen.G 4-2 (+3)

5th Team Dynamics 3-2 (+2)

5th Afreeca Freecs 3-2 (+2)

7th kt Rolster 2-3 (-1)

8th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-4 (-6)

9th Hanwha Life Esports 0-5 (-8)

10th SANDBOX Gaming 0-5 (-9)



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