[LCK Today] GEN defeats KT, DWG sweeps SP to reach the top of the standings


On June 21st (KST), kt Rolster played Gen.G and SeolHaeOne Prince played DAMWON Gaming in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split.


In Game 1 of kt Rolster vs Gen.G, Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng picked Twisted Fate, which had a personal undefeated 8-0 record. Like hs record, Kuro performed fantastically, carrying his teammates to victory. Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram also had a splendid performance on Ezreal, dealing the most damage in both teams. Although Gen.G went ahead in the early game, they weren’t able to maintain the lead.


Gen.G had a good start in the second game. Through lane priority, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk and Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu’s Ashe and Karma shoved in the lane and secured first blood. Meanwhile, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee endured the attacks from the opponents. Gen.G snowballed through the lead, but kt Rolster put up a good fight. With many mistakes coming from both teams, it was Gen.G who came out on top as they busted kt Rolster’s Baron attempt.


The objectives divided the fate for the two teams in Game 3. Although kt Rolster put up a good fight, it was Gen.G who took most of the objectives, taking all the dragons straight to the Ocean Dragon's Soul. In a fight near mid lane, Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong’s Azir collected a triple kill in a situation where he would have died if not for the soul. After securing the Elder Dragon, Gen.G took their first win of the season.



The second match was between SeolHaeOne Prince and DAMWON Gaming, a fight between the two teams that were known for their aggressiveness. As many fans expected, the first game was full of fights, as there was more than one kill per minute. Son “Mickey” Young-min picked Zed, a pick appearing in the LCK in 330 days while DAMWON Gaming picked Ziggs into their bot lane. Although SeolHaeOne Prince put up a good fight, it was DAMWON Gaming who fought better, with Heo “ShowMaker” Su’s Zoe putting opponent champions to sleep in timely situations. After collecting Baron and the Cloud Dragon’s soul, DAMWON Gaming pushed through and destroyed the Nexus within 27 minutes. A total of 36 kills were involved in the game.


Game 2 also featured more kills than the minutes played. Mickey pulled out Kassadin, but he had to face Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon’s Jayce who swapped lanes with ShowMaker. There was no time to show the highlights as there were fights occurring all over the map all the time. The game tilted towards DAMWON Gaming’s way as they took more benefits in the fights little by little. As DAMWON Gaming’s stacked up, there was no way SeolHaeOne Prince could stop them. DAMWON Gaming swept SeolHaeOne Prince and rose to the top of the standings with an undefeated record.


2020 LCK Summer Split June 21st Results


kt Rolster 1 : 2 Gen.G

SeolHaeOne Prince 0 : 2 DAMWON Gaming


2020 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 2-0 (+4)

2nd Afreeca Freecs 2-0 (+3)

3rd DRX 2-0 (+2)

4th Team Dynamics 1-1 (+1)

5th Gen.G 1-1 (0)

5th T1 1-1 (0)

7th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-1 (-1)

8th Hanwha Life Esports 0-2 (-2)

9th kt Rolster 0-2 (-3)

10th SANDBOX Gaming 0-2 (-4)

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