GG Damonte: "GG got 6th place without me, so we're definitely getting better than 6th place."

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Tanner "Damonte" Damonte was recently picked up by Golden Guardians to start in the Mid Lane for their League of Legends Championship Series squad, replacing Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer who played for the team this Spring. Damonte was most recently on Dignitas Academy after playing at Worlds for the org last year. He speaks with us about how the transfer happened and what he hopes to prove this year.


Since he's been in Academy, we followed up with him about where he is on his journey to improve and be a top level LCS Mid Laner. So many players talk about how much easier it is to improve and grow as a player in the LCS, rather than Academy scene, and Damonte reflects that as well. However, he is confident in what he learned at Worlds last year and in his continuation of watching players like Luka "Perkz" Perković, acknowledging that "I don't think I'll be destroying everyone individually, but I do know how to make my team better."


Like he said in the title quote, he has confidence in himself and his place in the team. "GG got 6th place without me, so we're definitely getting better than 6th place," he exclaims. However, a Split away from the LCS left him a bit rusty in the branding department. Who was once known for his catchphrases and Twitch chat spams is having trouble coming up with new ideas ahead of the Summer Split. "I don't know what my new memes are, I need help brainstorming." 




Send Damonte your ideas, and watch our full interview below, as he details his transfer to Golden Guardians and his plans to improve and push the team forward this Summer. 





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