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So you’ve selected the five best players (because of course you have) and you’ve got your favorite LCS/LEC org to back them up, but you can’t save the roster? It’s time to choose your Captain! E1 Fantasy has a special feature allowing each squad one Captain who will have a chance to earn you extra points for the weekend, giving you more ability to express and flex your Fantasy dominance. 


The player in your lineup that you select as your Captain can earn up to 50% more points if you correctly predict the League champion that they will play in their games that weekend. Simply making someone your Captain is easy, but deciding who to make your Captain and what champions to pick can be a bit more complex, so follow these tips to get the best out of your squad and earn those bonus points. 


Once you’ve chosen all of your players, you pick ONE of them to become your team Captain for the weekend by clicking the crown next to their player icon under your team panel on the left.


Clicking that crown turns it green and pulls up a champion select menu, both showing you that player’s most played champions for the season and then a space for you to select what you think he will play in his upcoming matches. You can choose from all available champions in the game, (but maybe don’t select Sejuani for Robert "Blaber" Huang when he’s only played Lee Sin, Gragas, and Nocturne all season). 



You select two champions for your Captain, and each is game specific - so if you pick Lee Sin then Gragas, but the player plays Gragas and then Lee Sin, you won’t get any bonus points. Be sure to examine your Captain’s play, his opponents play, likely bans, and shifts in the meta for the best chance of selecting correctly. For example, if Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski has a 100% win rate on Braum Jungle with an 11 KDA after playing him in the last three LEC games, don’t expect teams to let him pick it this upcoming weekend. If it’s likely to get banned, it may not be the best option for your Captain. 



Other strategies to employ are to realize team matchups and playstyle matchups. If you choose Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg as your captain and he is against a strong team, maybe think about picking his staple comfort picks, like Syndra or LeBlanc or… Zilean… Or if it’s Corki - Azir meta (again), figure out who you think will blind pick mid in your matchups, and choose the Corki or Azir accordingly since there’s a high likelihood it will get picked. Make sure to look at as many different aspects of the game and your Captain’s matchups to get the best chance of choosing correctly. 


Also, make sure you choose a high scoring player as your Captain. If you have a support who always plays Tahm Kench, sure you can pick Tahm Kench twice and will likely boost both games, but there won’t be many points to actually strengthen. 150% of 8 points is still only 12pts! But if you have a high scoring carry, guessing twice and getting lucky for one of them might give you an extra 20 points in a game, not just four! Make sure whoever you pick, you’re confident in both their performance AND the champions they’ll lock in. 


With this lineup, choosing Jankos as my Captain makes the most sense.
He makes the most points per game on average in my roster by far.


Your first reaction should be to always make your highest scoring player your Captain (likely Mid or Bot or Jankos) unless you have a stud at a different position with a more predictable champ pool. If you are confident you’ll select correctly, it’s a great choice for your Captain, just make sure they’ll actually be earning you points to multiply into something worthwhile. 


At the end of the week, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing green points next to your Captain’s name, signifying a correct champion selection and bonus points earned. And if your Captain has a string of good games, you can even get 50 bonus points or more from a single player. Make sure to utilize the Captain feature as best you can, and pass up your friends on the leaderboard and shoot for those sweet E1 Fantasy prizes.



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