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You haven’t selected your lineup? Well, you can’t play Fantasy without a team! Here’s how you craft the perfect squad that will get you the points you crave without breaking the bank. Learn how to research and select the best players to give yourself a fighting chance at crushing your friends and winning those weekly prizes.


▲ A quick example of a possible roster, made using the "Share Lineup" feature on the site.


Esports One Fantasy runs a “Daily Fantasy” style of building your lineup each week, rather than a “Traditional Fantasy” style that includes a drafted team for an entire season. This means your player lineup isn’t limited by player availability, rather it’s limited by a metaphorical $1,500,000 salary cap that is refreshed at the start of each new week. Each player you select will have a specific salary for that weekend, which is determined by their past performance and their upcoming matchups. You just have to decide who you think is undervalued and overvalued and choose accordingly. Then, put the best possible lineup together with your allotment of $1,500,000.


If you overspend, you can't save your roster, make some changes to stay in the salary cap.


First, you’ll want to find the players that top the charts, which can easily be done on the site. There is an entire research tab where you can find each players’ specific stats and record and grab specific players to easily compare them to each other. Then you’ll want to go through and examine all the matchups for the weekend, which you can also do right on the site.


Find discrepancies or mismatches in lanes, those players should score more points. Then, you start selecting the picks you think will get more bang for their buck. Make sure to check their stats AND their matchups for best results. 


To select a player, simply find them on the list in the main panel,
and click the plus button to add them to your lineup.


Other than the specific research tab, you can sort through the main panel in a variety of ways, showing all positions, or just one at a time. You can arrange the players on the list by average points per game, salary, KDA, etc. Once you’ve found and selected a player for each position, you have to select an LCS or LEC org as your “Team” to complete your lineup. Players earn points based on Kills, Assists, Creep Score, etc., while Teams will earn you points based on winning games, dragons taken, towers felled, and more. You choose your Team by clicking the “Team” button on the main panel, and selecting them just as you selected your players.


▲ Choosing a Team is just like choosing players, just with slightly different stats.


Once you have all players and org in place, have selected your Captain (which we explain in detail here), and have your total costs under the salary cap, hit Save! Now they’re yours for the week! But you can still make changes up until when the first game of the week starts. If you have leftover money, there might be better players you can upgrade to. Or maybe a friend convinces you to pick something different, that's great too. Play around with other variations of your squad by adding new players the same way you selected the first. 

Again, if you have spent more than $1,500,000, you’ll have to switch some of your selections to cheaper options to get under the cap. But always remember, once you’ve reexamined your roster and are satisfied, dont forget to SAVE! Lock in those pro picks and get ready for the games. You’ve just made your first E1 Fantasy squad, now go watch your work come to fruition.



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