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Intro to Fantasy LoL

There is no replacement for the thrill of playing fantasy esports, and you can now play with Inven Global! The sheer excitement it adds to the professional LoL experience is something no esports fan should go without.


Fantasy esports is all about gamifying the fandom experience, allowing everybody to feel like the CEO of their very own esports organization. Build a team, compete against the world, and take home cash prizes!


Fantasy on the E1 Fantasy platform is super unique; this is why we chose to partner with them! The platform is free and features everything you need to set the best possible lineup each week, including deep-data research tools and content hub filled with next-level fantasy analysis (including content from us).


Setting a Lineup


Every week, YOU will be able to create a brand new lineup of players, consisting of all of your favorite LCS & LEC players. Each player has a Salary, so you will construct as powerful of a lineup as you can of 5 players (1 from each position) and a Team, all while staying under the Salary Cap!



Each week, the match stats of the players in your lineup get counted as 'Fantasy Points' through E1 Fantasy's unique scoring system, which can be found here. The amount of points your lineup puts up determines how high you rank on the global leaderboard.


Rank high enough, and you will be able to take home some money every week. Even if you don't place in the money, you can still compare your lineup against your friends' lineups to see who takes home the bragging rights (which is even more valuable than money).


Player and Team Research


If you need help setting your lineup, our platform includes every data point for each player that you can think of. Scroll through E1 Fantasy's massive Research Table or read through all of the fantasy articles in the Content Hub. No matter what players you are stuck deciding between, we have the data that can help you choose the right player option for your lineup each week.


Get Started!

Anybody can sign up for free to play fantasy with Inven Global! Whether you are a former LCS pro or you are a mom trying to understand this video game your son plays 24/7, the E1 Fantasy platform makes it easy for you to set a lineup, win prizes and enjoy LoL esports like you never have before! GL HF!


Looking for more Fantasy League of Legends content? Check out our dedicated fantasy esports section!


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