Twisted Fate comes to Legends of Runeterra, holding all the cards


The new Rising Tides expansion for Riot Games' competitive card game, Legends of Runeterra, launches in just a couple days, and they've teased yet another new bunch of cards that will come with it. Twisted Fate will hit the playing board joining Gangplank, Nautilus, and a whole bunch of other friends and fellow gamblers found across Bilgewater. 




Twisted Fate is a tricky Champion, boasting a variety of different mechanics. He's relatively weak for a 4 cost unit, but immediately gets to play one of his cards, Blue, Red, or Gold (explained below) when first put into play. He also has Quick Attack to give himself a slight edge in combat.  After drawing eight cards, he upgrades and then automatically plays one of his Destiny Cards every time you play a card, up to three times per round. He also brings along Pick A Card, a new spell for Bilgewater.



Each of his cards is unique of course, and they mimic his Summoner's Rift ability. Blue Card provides mana and lets him draw a card. Red Card damages each enemy and the enemy nexus by 1, and Gold Card stuns the strongest enemy, dealing 2 damage.  



Twisted Fate doesn't gamble alone, of course, and with him come a few other casino dwellers. Twisted Fate excels at moving cards through the deck, so cheap cards and extra draws are his bread and butter. Pool Shark is essentially just a minion with a "draw a card" fucntion, but will help TF upgrade sooner. Black Market Merchant is unique in that you draw enemy cards when you Plunder (the new keyword unique to Bilgewater). Brash Gambler requires you to discard two cards, but helps you work through the deck further by drawing two Fleeting cards each time she attacks. 



It's important to build Twisted Fate correctly, otherwise you'll never allow him to upgrade, and you'll be stuck drawing too many high cost cards, unable to rotate through the deck and unable to take advantage of the powerful Destiny Cards. But when played well, Twisted Fate seems to have a lot of strong tricks up his sleeve to help you take care of your opponent. 



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