Nautilus joins Legends of Runeterra in Rising Tides expansion

Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games has revealed the next champion joining Legends of Runeterra's upcoming Rising Tides expansion on April 28. Nautilus, the colossal deep-sea monstrosity, hooks his way onto the board. Alongside Nautilus comes a new keyword, and a bunch of monsters emerging from the water.


Nautilus starts off as a pretty harmless tank. With twelve health, the Tough and Fearsome keyword, he can fend off large amounts of incoming damage with relative ease. Nautilus' level up requirement immediately introduces the new keyword: Deep. The definition of Deep is quite simple. Once you have fifteen cards left in your deck, any Deep effect is triggered; you've simply 'dug deep' into your deck. All non-Nautilus cards with the Deep keyword get a three attack and three health bonus when the keyword is activated.


Upon leveling up, Nautilus transforms into his true monstrous form. Firstly, he shuffles an extra copy of all Tossed (discarded) friendly units that cost four or more mana into your deck. Then, he evolves to a titan with thirteen health and armor, making him the strongest champion in the game. In his upgraded form, Nautilus reduces the cost of all Sea Monster allies by four mana.




So, what are Sea Monsters? Riot Games revealed a bunch of them joining Legends of Runeterra as it explores the Bilgewater region. Vicious Platewyrm and The Beast Below start off relatively weak for their cost, but turn into frightening allies once you're deep into your own deck. The Shipwreck Hoarder is a Sea Monster card with an additional perk: it shuffles two powerful treasure cards into your deck to replace the two cards it Tosses.


Image Source: Riot Games


Nautilus and his companions play towards the peculiar "self-discard" theme Riot Games is introducing in the Rising Tides expansion. It's not the first new card that does so: Maokai, who will be joining the Shadow Isles region, also likes to Toss cards and get rid off your own deck in order to bully the opponent with powerful upsides.



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