T1 Canna: "Up until now, we’ve always beaten [Gen.G], so we’ll do it again in the finals."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 22nd (KST), T1 took on DragonX in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Playoffs. With a set score of 3-0, T1 took down DRX in a seemingly dominating fashion. T1 now heads into the finals to face Gen.G on the 25th, where T1 looks to continue their legacy in the LCK, while Gen.G is on the hunt for their very first championship trophy in the LCK.


T1's Top and Support, Canna and Effort, were named POG of the series, and joined the official LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How does it feel to head to the finals?


Canna: First, it really feels to win. There’s only one more team to beat before winning the championship trophy, and I really want to win to become the ‘Royal Roader’ (A Korean term given to the rookies that win the championship in their first year).


Effort: I’m glad to be heading into the finals for two years in a row.

Not only is Doran a monsterous Top Laner, and for Canna, this is your first Best of 5. Did you feel pressured at all?


Canna: I just played like how I usually played. I felt zero pressure.

Up to Game 3, the enemy’s draft was very unique.


Effort: I knew they were going to play something funky, but we didn’t expect Viktor. However, we dealt with it pretty well, so I think our draft went well.

After the loss in Game 3, how did you prepare for Game 4?


Effort: The atmosphere wasn’t too serious. We just prepared the way we always do.

You played Bard and Maokai. Were they picks that you prepared for this match?


Effort: They were picks that we were prepared to use during the regular season, and we felt that the time was right.

Bard is always a pick that many debate about, because he’s a pick that heavily relies on his Ultimate. Where do you rate Bard on the meta?


Effort: He does heavily rely on his Ult. You can even say that everything depends on his ult.

Not only does Ornn have a lot of counterpicks, he’s not as easy to play as before. How did you feel playing Ornn tonight?


Canna: I prepared for many scenarios, so I didn’t feel too pressured. The better player will simply win.

Did your team compliment you a lot?


Canna: The coaching staff told me that I played incredibly well.

Do you think you can be the owner of the T1 belt tonight?


Canna: I’m 100% confident that I will be.

Do you agree, Effort?


Effort: Only news of triumph came from the Top Lane, so he was very reliable.

After tonight’s 3-1 victory, you now face Gen.G in the finals. What would you like to say to them?


Canna: Up until now, we’ve always beaten them, so we’ll do it again in the finals.

What would you like to say to your fans?


Effort: I’m grateful for all those cheering from their computer screens. Thank you, and we’ll make sure to win in the finals as well.

Who is the first person to tell this good news to?


Canna: It would have to be my parents. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, and I want to thank them for cheering for me. I’ll work hard to achieve more.



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