[LCK Today] T1 dominates DRX 3-1 to face Gen.G in the LCK finals


On the 22nd (KST), T1 took on DragonX in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Playoffs. With a set score of 3-0, T1 took down DRX to head into the finals to face Gen.G. The Top Laner from T1, Kim “Canna” Chang-dong scored a solo kill in all the games in the series, and helped T1 to head into its 9th LCK finals.


Both teams showed a different playstyle in Game 1. DRX drafted Viktor in the Bot Lane, with Top Lane Jayce to complete a poke composition, and the composition seemed to work out during the game. However, T1 was able to take the victory through early game aggression. Although they seemed to be in danger, they came out on top through better teamfighting.


T1 was able to take more from DRX in Game 2. Teddy played the ‘Fasting Senna’ Bot Lane alongside Sett, while Canna was able to solo kill Doran once again to get the lead. Meanwhile, DRX, once again, drafted a unique team composition to show a different side of the team, but failed to take the victory from T1.




DRX’s unique draft finally worked out for them in Game 3. Deft’s Ziggs was able to rake up all the XP in lane to deal tons of damage, while Keria’s Pyke roamed around the map to keep his enemies in check. Because Senna and Maokai on T1’s side were much more immobile than the enemy, they had no choice but to play defensively, ultimately unable to spread their wings and find the momentum to turn around the game.


Game 4’s draft looked standard on both sides. The turning point of the game was in the Top Lane, where Canna’s Ornn was able to overcome a matchup disadvantage to once again, solo kill Doran’s Lucian. From that point on, the momentum shifted towards T1, where they were able to pick up the pace by destroying the Tier 2 Mid Turret and head into the LCK finals.



2020 LCK Playoffs Round 2 Results


T1 3 : 1 DragonX



2020 LCK Playoffs schedule


Finals: T1 vs. Gen.G - 5 PM, 25th (KST)



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